21 Ideas For Home Decorating With Mirrors

Mirrors come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. They are versatile decorative elements that give instant polish to a room with little effort. Mirrors are an easy way to reflect the beauty of a room. A well-placed mirror can alter a view of a room, open up a room, or reflect a little personality. You can maximize your room’s style with a well-placed mirror. Mirrors can even serve as works of art. And there’s a mirror for every taste, whether yours is ultra classic or ultramodern. Here are some tips on home decoration using mirrors.

Photo of an eclectic living room Decorating With Mirrors

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Reflect The Outdoors

You can hang a mirror to reflect a window and give the illusion of another window in the room. This will make the room look spacious and brighter.

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Decorative Convex MirrorsImage Source By Popsugar

You Can Use Full-Length Mirror As Table Centerpiece

A full-length placed on the dining-room table will cause a stunning reflection in the room. You can then set vases of various forms and heights on the mirror; some may have flowers and some without.

Layered With a Console Mirror DecorationImage Source By Janis Nicolay

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Reflect Light Fireplaces

During the summer, fireplaces like sleds and mittens go unused. But you can use that space to position a mirror behind pillar candles to reflect their light into the room.

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Use Mirrors To Make Your Room Seem Larger

Rooms seem roomier and tight spaces expand and when you prop up a large mirror in the room or the tight space. This is a classic trick by interior decorators to make a room look larger. The mirror should be at least three-fourths as tall as the wall.

Freestanding mirrors in contemporary master bedroom in Miami with white walls and porcelain floorsImage Source By Lourdes Gabriela Interiors

Half Glass wall in transitional bathroom with a pedestal sinkImage Source By Peach Studio

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