15 Interior Design Trends to Implement This Year


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Everyone wants their home to be a place where family members, friends, and guests feel welcome. Of course, interior design and décor play a large role by creating a comfortable environment, setting the mood, and incorporating statement pieces that initiate rich conversations.

Whether you have just moved apartments or are looking to inject new life into your long-time family home, here are 15 interior design trends you can implement in your home today!

1. Art Deco

Close to one hundred years after the peak of its popularity, the Art Deco style is having its own renaissance in homes all over the world.

This dramatic style gives you full permission to adorn your space with vibrant colors, implement exotic materials such as velvet and fur, and refine your home aesthetics with elegant artwork.

Interesting geometric shapes, eye-catching patterns, and symmetry are all hallmarks of the Art Deco style. Embrace “style moderne” and all of its luxury by hopping on board this trend.

2. Big, Bold Colors

In years past, particularly when minimalism was at its apex, neutral colors dominated interior décor trends. Today, however, the designer’s color palette is starting to include more daring color choices.

Bright pinks, blues, and oranges are just a few of the popular options that people are using throughout their homes.

3. Earthy Tones

Although bright colors are becoming increasingly popular, they are being contrasted with deep, earthy tones. These include mustard, emerald green, red pear, and saddle brown, to name only a few.

Assuming that there is plenty of natural light present, these rich tones can even be featured as main colors in a moody bedroom or home office design.

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4. Natural Finishes

COVID-19 had an enormous impact on interior design, and one of the biggest changes is that our connection to the natural world has only grown stronger. From paper shades and weaved baskets to stone trim and everything in between, more and more natural elements are finding their way into homes.

Whether you want to transform your home into a coastal paradise or a biophilic sanctuary, natural finishes play an essential role in seamlessly merging your home with the outdoors.

5. Shiny Accents

The 60-30-10 design rule states that 10% of space should consist of an accent color. Today, we’re seeing that 10% reserved for gold, silver, and other sparkling accent colors.

While it might be impractical to adorn your home with real gold and silver, incorporating aluminum, steel, and iron—as well as gold and silver paint—will have the same effect.

6. Drapes and Curtains

With designers and homeowners preferring natural light to artificial light in recent years, drapes and curtains are being used to black out rooms during the evenings.

Options range from traditional curtains to elaborate, contemporary pieces—complete with tassels and other intricate details. You can use your drapes and curtains as window treatments or in place of a conventional bedroom-bathroom door.

7. Stripes

While stripes may have been a taboo interior design choice in years past, the eccentric pattern is now becoming a popular décor option for a variety of applications.

If you’ve ever thought about using stripes for your bedsheets, curtains, or accent walls, you have full license to make it happen!

8. Sustainability

With climate change being a mainstay in current events, more homeowners and decorators are finding ways to incorporate more environmentally friendly systems and materials into their homes.

Reclaimed wooden furniture, energy-efficient light fixtures, and recycled glass decorations are just a few of the items being used in lieu of cotton, plastics, and other unsustainable materials.

9. Statement Rugs

Regardless of whether your home’s floors are hardwood, carpet, or vinyl, large rugs are being used as statement pieces on all types of surfaces.

Eccentric prints and patterns aren’t the only eye-catching features either. Many of these statement rugs have irregular shapes that mimic the outline of the furniture around them.

10. Vertical Lighting

When adding artificial light to your space, there is no shortage of options. Rather than opting for a traditional light fixture, nightstand lamp, or chandelier, however, consider the currently-popular vertical light.

You can achieve this by framing your room’s entrance with a pair of elongated LED wall lights, or by adding a hanging light shrouded in a cylindrical lampshade.

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11. Arches and Curves

Used as early as the 2nd millennium BC, arches and curves are by no means recent architectural developments. However, they are being more widely adopted today for the timeless charm and sophistication they bring.

Beyond arched doorways, curved staircases, and major architectural changes that may not be viable, you can implement this design trend with curved sofas, tables, bed frames, and even cabinetry.

12. Tiles

Whether it’s a patio floor, kitchen backsplash, or shower stall, tiles are seeing a bump in popularity—often being preferred over hardwood, stone, and other popular materials.

These decorative tiles are the perfect canvases for elaborate prints, patterns, and mosaics. Transform your otherwise average-looking wall into an eye-catching piece of art.

13. Patterned Upholstery

As Art Deco takes the interior design world by storm, more and more couches and sofas are displaying all types of colorful patterns—from floral arrangements to overlapping circles and more.

If you have recently considered investing in new furniture, now is the perfect time to trade in your traditional brown or beige leather sofa for something a little brighter and busier!

14. Plaster

After years of being shunned by interior designers and homeowners alike, plaster is making a comeback—Venetian plaster, especially.

This tactile, textured, 15th-century material is more durable than its normal counterpart and pairs well with a variety of paint colors. Feel free to use it for walls, ceilings, and other surfaces throughout your home!

15. Convivial Furniture Arrangements

Long gone are the days when sofas, couches, and tables would revolve around the television set. Today, more and more living rooms are adopting convivial furniture arrangements.

In this type of configuration, pieces face each other in a way that promotes conversation and togetherness. Keep in mind that this look is best achieved with curved or rounded furniture. Straight furniture with harsh edges can make the arrangement appear rigid and clinical.

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