12 Most Creative & Inexpensive Home Design Ideas!

Whether you own a mansion or a small apartment, there are ways for you to enhance the appearance of your home. While we all aren’t backed by the unlimited budget that HGTV producers offer their on-air talent, we can still find affordable ways to make our home into our own personal space. If you don’t want to hire professional home builders, then we have an alternative option for you. Today, we are going to be outlining a dozen different ways that you can improve your home without breaking your budget. Are you ready to give your home a fresh look? Let’s begin!

12 Budget Friendly Home Design Tricks!

Alright, so you want to give your home some fresh life, but you aren’t sure where to start. If you live in an apartment, you likely aren’t going to be doing too much permanent construction. If you own your property, you can get a little more creative with your design ideas. In the honor of fairness, we are going to be focusing on design ideas that you can implement regardless of your property ownership status. While all of these ideas won’t be perfect for everyone, they SHOULD give you a great stepping stone to get your own ideas flowing.
Crown Molding

1) Crown Molding – Are you interested in bringing an upscale flair to your home? In newer homes, you’ll notice a lack of detail when it comes to where your ceiling and walls come together. In older homes, you’ll have the benefit of having some sort of molding there. If you don’t have molding installed, consider having crown molding put around your walls. Crown molding is cheap to install and it looks stylish, refined, and timeless.

2) Fresh Paint – The easiest and most effective way to transform the interior of your home is a fresh layer of paint. By honing in on a new color scheme, you can help to fundamentally change the temperament of your home. Consider coordinating the colors on your walls with the decor that you choose to implement. While this is a simple DIY project, a professional painter can help you accomplish your goals with relative ease.

3) Period-based Decor – Another amazing way to elevate your home’s design is by honing in on a specific time period for your decor. Now, we aren’t saying that you should go and live like the people on ‘Little House on the Prairie’, but there are time periods that have produced amazing decor. Consider implementing a post-modern, retro, or even ’50s theme in one of your rooms. If you like how it feels, extend your decor idea to the rest of your home.
Library Room
4) Library Room – If you have a spare bedroom that isn’t being used for anything, consider turning it into a library. Having a little room to hide out in when you want to immerse yourself in other worlds can be a great thing. Fill the room with antique shelves, good books, and even a table for coffee or tea. You’ll associate the room with your escapism and you’ll enjoy your books all the more for it.

5) Smart Home Entertainment – When you want to bring your home into the future, install smart home entertainment devices. We won’t point out any specific brands, but we will say that it is easier than ever to have a digital control hub that takes care of your entertainment. Imagine walking into your living room after a long and difficult day before saying, “Hey, Google, put on some relaxing jazz music!” It’s a pretty great feeling!

6) Take Care of Clutter – Alright, you aren’t going to believe it, but the best design idea that you could implement involves taking things away! Take an honest look around your home. Do you need or even want everything that you see? Remove your clutter in order to create free space. More free space will create depth in your room that you can take advantage of. Sell the stuff you no longer want or donate it to a charitable foundation. Your home will look better and you’ll feel better at the same time.
Window Treatments
7) Window Treatments – The eyes may be the window to your soul, but they are also one of the focal points of your home. We all remember how ugly our windows were when we first moved out of our parents’ home. Most of us probably did little more than close the blinds. Now, you have the benefit of hindsight. You can purchase luxurious curtains or drapes that will immediately add a sense of style to your room. Best of all, these window treatments will help to block out light, reduce utilities, and improve your ability to sleep.

8) Unique Lighting – How much thought have you put into the lighting in your home? If you are like most people, you probably haven’t invested a lot of passion in your lighting situation. Consider installing unique lighting options in order to illuminate your room with style. Globe lighting, chandeliers, and even recessed lighting options are all on the table for a relatively affordable cost.

9) Lay Down a Rug – Whether you have carpeting or hardwood flooring, the addition of a rug can go a long way. Adding a rug to a room can help to make the room feel warm, cozy, and comfortable. What’s more, you can use your rug as a statement piece in order to get people talking. While we don’t advocate getting a dead animal rug, there are plenty of culturally unique rugs that you can choose from.

10) Knock Down a Wall – If you own the property that you are living in, you’ll have some flexibility here. Open floor plans are always in fashion. If you have a non-load bearing wall, consider having it taken out in order to open up your room.
Incorporate Local Art
11) Incorporate Local Art – If you want refined artwork but can’t afford to pay a gallery, consider hiring a local artist. Local artists will work for a fair rate, and they’ll provide you with unique artwork that you cannot find anywhere else.

12) New Cabinets – Finally, take a long and hard look at your kitchen. Do you like what you see? Sometimes you can change the feeling of your home by simply changing out your old cabinets. Replacing your old cabinets is an affordable way to give some fresh life to your property.

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