12 Dog-Safe Plants You Can Add to Your Garden



There are different ways you can make your garden look more appealing. You can purchase pre-planted pretty pots, giving you the chance to grow your own plants. However; not all plants are safe for pets. If you’re unsure which plants to choose, here are 12 dog-safe plants you can add to your garden.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a beautiful garden and a happy, healthy dog at the same time. Many reliable dog experts recommend planting many species that pose no threat to dogs. On that note, there are some dog-friendly plants that will add beauty to your garden without harming your dog.


Although rosemary is ideal for culinary use, it’s also a dog-friendly plant that releases a nice smelling scent every time your pup scampers through. It’s also perfect for filling up empty spaces in your garden with a fluffy evergreen bush. Additionally, the stems look beautiful cascading over a raised bed edge.



This is a feathery weed that’s safe for dogs and also humans. Since it can grow bigger than you expect, ensure you give it enough space to grow.

Magnolia Bushes

Most people think that magnolias are large trees. However, these dog-friendly plants grow as a bush and thrive in full sun. Magnolia bushes offer spectacular white, pink, and purple flowers that aren’t harmful to your dog.

Garden Marigolds


These dog-safe plants have beautiful flowers that act as natural pest control. They can keep harmful bugs and beetles from infesting your vegetables and other edible plants. Their stunning blooms aren’t bad either as they add color to your garden.

Coral Bells

There are different types of coral bells available to make your garden look stunning without posing any threats to your dog. These plants have leaves in a variety of shades including black, orange, and green. Coral Bells also have small flowers on long stems that extend above.



Camellias are flowering shrubs that thrive in gardens with partial shade. However, mature camellia plants can survive with little watering. Note that new plants require regular watering to establish their roots. Once they’re firmly rooted in your garden, they’ll keep sprouting every year with little effort.


This dog-friendly plant is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Sunflowers do well in a sunny spot with lots of water. They also make a great border in front of your house or along the fence as they grow several feet tall.

Purple Basil

These plants add beautiful color to your flower garden. Ensure you plant them after installing a garden drainage system in your yard and when frost is over. Also, expose them to some sunshine and give them enough water so that you and your pup can continue to enjoy their beauty.



Nasturtiums are annual, edible flowers with a spicy flavor. You can grow them in odd spots in your garden because they flourish in poorer soils and do not require fertilizers. Their good smell isn’t dangerous to dogs and they can drape down hanging baskets with colorful elegance.

Creeping Thyme

Thyme is a perennial herb that doesn’t pose any danger to your dog. It also doesn’t require a lot of attention. It only needs some water and sun. Creeping thyme pairs well with soups, meat, and roasted vegetables.

Pineapple Sage

Pineapple sage is an annual plant. However, if your winter is mild, it can sprout again in spring. Its pink tubular flowers smell nice without irritating your dog and is a tasty addition to fruit salads.



Like Dill, Fennel is also safe for dogs and humans. This beautiful feathery foliage has a licorice flavor. You can also use the seeds to make soothing tea or as a breath freshener.


The above plants will make your yard look stunning without posing danger to your dogs. Go ahead and start adding the plants to your garden.

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