11 Home Décor Ideas for Guest Bedrooms

Converting a spare room into a guest bedroom involves more than putting in a bed and a mattress. The décor in your guest bedroom should be considered thoughtfully as well. Think about the bedroom furniture, the home décor accents, along with any essentials that your guests may need. Your goal is to create a cozy and comfortable living environment in the guest bedroom.

Many homeowners assign a decorating theme to the guest bedroom, such as a coastal California vibe or a country rustic style. Other homeowners may get more experimental, decorating the guest bedroom based on a natural instinct. Either way, guest bedrooms can be very fun to decorate, offering many options for home décor.

If you aren’t sure where to start, wholesale home décor retailers can be great reference points. Browse through the different collections for any interesting décor items that catch your eye. For more inspiration, check out these eleven best home décor ideas to decorate your guest bedroom.

1. Hooks

Installing a hook gives guests a place to hang their keys, coats, bags, or other accessories. Although you can get a cheap hook anywhere, it can become an interesting décor piece with lots of potential. There are numerous comical hooks, animal-themed hooks, and abstract home décor hooks. Of course, you can make your own hooks as well.

2. Artwork

Artwork spruces up a guest bedroom even if you don’t have a designated theme. Try adding at least one piece of artwork on the walls. The artwork can depict a landscape, an animal, or an abstract shape. Art is adaptable and accepted from a décor standpoint in almost any room.

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3. Lighting

No matter how you stylize your guest bedroom, lighting is important. A lamp is the most traditional option, but don’t be afraid to get more creative. Try placing a lantern, a candle, or a string of lights. If you use candles, make sure you position them in a safe location. If you use lanterns, make sure they don’t conflict with an existing décor theme.

4. Bedroom Mirror

Many guests appreciate having a mirror in their bedrooms. The mirror is practical and functional, allowing guests to prep their appearances before departing their rooms. Mirrors can also be used more decoratively, such as in a sculpture piece or as wall décor. 

5. High-Quality Curtains

If your guest bedroom has a window, a pair of curtains can frame the view overlooking outdoors. Curtains can also filter light and block it out, especially important if you have acquaintances coming from far away. If your guests need a mid-afternoon nap, they will appreciate the option to close the curtains in their rooms.

6. Seat with a Pillow

A corner seat with a pillow provides your guest somewhere to sit without dirtying up their bed. You can turn this spot into a full-on reading nook if you like. Find a cozy pillow to complement the seating, preferably with matching themes and colors. Maybe add some reading materials in the room for guests to peruse if they like.

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7. Corner Table

A small office-style corner table is useful in a guest bedroom. Guests can sit nearby with their laptops and pass the time. The corner table is also a great place to put unexpected bedroom décor, such as a decorative pen, office globes, a tray, or bookends. If you know your guests appreciate their solitary time, a small table and chair will be a welcome asset.

8. Pad and Pen

On a bedside table, provide a small pen and pad in case there’s anything your guests need to write down. These writing materials allow guests to jot down directions, phone numbers, places to visit, and more. Even if your guests don’t end up writing anything, paper never expires.

9. Hidden Storage

Give your guests somewhere to put their personal possessions, preferably out of sight. A closet is fine, but your guests may need more storage space. Try implementing hidden storage in an ottoman, under the bed, or a freestanding corner shelf. These storage options are compact, functional, and do not take up too much space in the room.

10. Planter and Plant

Plants are popular home décor options for a guest bedroom. If you are concerned about maintaining a real plant, a faux plant works just as well for the aesthetic. In terms of size, a freestanding tree in the corner of the room is suitable. More popularly, a tabletop planter will suit your guest bedroom décor perfectly.

11. Minibar

If you want to get very luxury home décor for your guest bedroom, set up a small fridge and minibar station. You might include some wine glasses, serving trays, and a bottle opener. You can customize this setup to make the minibar more adult-focused. Alternatively, keep it generalized as a mini-fridge, where guests can store their restaurant leftovers, snacks, and beverages.

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