11 Easy Ways to Transform a Room


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After two years of lockdowns and working from home, it’s natural to start feeling sick of your space, especially if it’s on the smaller side. Even if you put a lot of thought into decorating your place when you first moved in, after a while, everything starts feeling outdated and old. 

Fortunately, there are a number of easy and cost-efficient ways to transform your home and make it feel fresh and rejuvenated. Let us show you 11 ways in which you can achieve that: 

1. Organize Your Place 

First things first: a clean, tidy, and organized home creates the zen you seek. A few simple items like racks, canisters bins, turntables, and risers can get rid of clutter and create order. And while you’re at it, figure out which items still spark joy and which ones you can get rid of to make space for a less claustrophobic feel. Out with the old, and you will feel much better for letting go of items that no longer provide value in your home and life.

2. Use Vinyl Wrap 

Be sure to upgrade old furniture with a vinyl wrap! It’s an easy and inexpensive way to modernize a bedroom or living room piece like a chest of drawers or a bedside table. Simply source rolls of vinyl wrap in your preferred colour, size, and design online, and get started on your DIY home project.

3. Hang up Thermal-lined Curtains

Curtains are essential to creating a super cosy and homely vibe in your living and bedroom. If you don’t yet have any, add floor-length curtains for a timelessly elegant look. If you prefer more feminine patterns, go for floral prints that also bring colour into your space. For extra functionality, choose thermal-lined curtains that trap heat produced by your home’s heating system or fireplace. 

4. Insert Wall Art 

Building on the previous concept, hanging up art is fantastic for bringing colour and life into a space. They add visual interest and transform dull walls into beautiful eye-catchers. Framed art can be a bit pricey and if they’re out of your budget you can always choose to hang up upscale posters, and photos, or create some DIY art that you paint yourself.

5. Use a Frame TV

Perhaps you’ve seen designers on social media hang up frames that double as TVs. The great thing about these concealed screens is that they can display different works of art depending on your interior style and preference. Whenever you want to watch TV, you switch it on. If you’re not watching your favourite shows or movies, your TV turns into framed art. Because the screen has a built-in brightness sensor that adjusts to your room, you won’t even notice that it’s actually a TV. A fantastic way to combine function with style!

6. Rearrange Your Furniture Layout

The fastest and cheapest way to change the ambience and interiors of your home is to simply rearrange your furniture layout. Although some rooms only cater to a specific layout due to size, window, or door placements, most other spaces have some flexibility that allows you to play around with different arrangements. Try it out and see how you feel!

7. Place a Rug on the Floor 

Another simple trick with great impact is the use of a rug. It adds structure and warmth to a space while softening the floor. Depending on its colour and texture, it can also help to tie together furniture pieces and decór of different styles and create more harmony with a cohesive look.

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8. Paint a Wall

Colour can make a dramatic difference in any room, especially when covering a large space like a wall. Instead of painting the entire room, choose an accent wall in a colour of your choice to create a focal point that adds visual interest and brings variety and individuality into your home. 

9. Diffuse Subtle Scents

If you’ve ever walked into an upscale store, you’ll have noticed: that it smells divine! That’s because luxury stores diffuse scents with fresh or floral essences. If you don’t like the idea of spraying room fragrances, opt to use candles or incense sticks that turn a dull room into a scented delight. 

10. Add Throw Pillows

A chair, bed, or sofa easily transforms with the help of big, colourful throw pillows. No need to go overboard, simply get a few pillows with eye-catching designs that add warmth to an otherwise cold cushion.

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11. Leverage Peel-And-Stick Floor Tiles

You may think that flooring can’t easily be transformed as it is permanent. But there’s a clever way to quickly change your floor without having to rip out any existing tiles or wooden planks: peel-and-stick floor tiles. They are available in many different sizes, patterns, and colours, are water-resistant and are easy to place on your existing floor. Once you’ve chosen a design you like, you can have a new floor in a matter of hours!


There are many great ways to transform a room, none of which has to be expensive. From something as simple as rearranging your furniture layout to painting a wall, hanging wall art, using a vinyl wrap, or taking advantage of peel-and-stick floor tiles, you can have much design impact through DIY efforts. And for that, something extra, just keep on reading great design blogs that will help spruce up your space in bright and colourful ways. 

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