11 Best Home Gym Equipment- A Professional Trainer’s Guide



With the second wave of the pandemic hitting most parts of the world, remote work and stay-at-home fitness sessions, in addition to supplementary safety measures are still at large.

Setting up a home gym does not require a hefty budget and referring to our coveted list from professional trainers for the best equipment for home exercise will help you shortlist the ones which will suit your needs.

1. Kettlebells – Be it endurance, strength, stability or even stamina, it allows for free-flowing movements. You can choose from a wide variety of kettlebell superset workout sessions from fitness influencers like Kayla Itsines, Simeon Panda and many others who admire what this fitness instrument has to offer. Online stores like SF Health Tech that guarantees quality fitness equipment offer cast iron kettlebells with 20 variant weights beginning from 2 KG up to 40 KG. These have a flat machined base and a black coloured gloss finish.


2. TRX Band-Suspension Training System – This multi-purpose system can carry a maximum weight of 100 KG’s and comes with a door anchor and sturdy foam handles. A TRX band-suspension training gear is the most suitable foundational equipment because it allows you to modify the workouts according to your fitness levels. Jennifer Lopez’s trainer Gunnar Peterson essentially focuses on TRX for the celebrity’s fitness regime from push-ups, rows, hamstrings to more.

3. Jump Rope – I bet for most of us jump rope is a nostalgic remembrance of our childhood days. But did you know that this fun thing is indeed an effective calorie burner and cardiovascular exercise? It helps strengthen the upper and lower body, advances your stamina and endurance levels. The love for jump rope training has gained incredible momentum since YouTube channels like Jump Rope Dudes, Jumping Jordyn, etc., help skippers notch up their game!

4. Hex Dumbbells – This compact training equipment is a go-to option for most people, be it regular gym-goers or beginners. The reason why professional trainers highly recommend investing in as many weighted pairs of Hex Dumbells as your budget and spacing allows is that a single set of these can cover a full-body workout. Dumbbells made with heavy-duty rubber heads and easy-grip are selling like hotcakes since the pandemic started as they are available in a weight ranging from 2.5 KG to 50 KG.


5. SF Foldable Wall Rack with Pull-up Bar – It is an ideal investment for fitness enthusiasts who are seeking a foldable wall-mounted pull-up bar that works as a squat stand, pull-up rig, or power rack. With guided installation supervision, 3*3 11 gauge stands, removable pull-up bar attachment, and a maximum loading capacity of 450 KGs, this is power-packed equipment.

6. Treadmills – Running under the open clouds is a distant dream these days, which is why running machines are your best bet for intense cardio workouts. You can take your pick from a wide variety of settings on treadmills available online. Be it an extra inclination feature, access to workout videos, or one which automatically raises the speed or incline of your run to improve your training like a professional.

7. Stationary Bike – If your fitness regime includes a thorough endurance training, you should invest in a stationary bike. In addition to being low-impact training assistance as compared to treadmills, a stationary bike also helps advance your cardiac health and muscle strengthening. The versatility allows you to tune it for a recovery exercise, a HIIT session or an inclined hill ride to work your leg muscles.

8. PVC Force Bag – The 5 KG to 25 Kg variants of these sandbags are enough for you to train your legs, core or upper body. With a single bag, you can perform squats, core exercises and even bench presses. The reinforced durable handles, waterproof fabric, and customizable weights make this heavy-duty equipment a worthy addition to your home gym set up.

9. Slam Balls – Slamming a weighted ball with rigorous movements is not as easy as it may seem, which is why many fitness influencers and celebrity trainers include a session with slam balls in their workout routines. It helps keep the heart rate up while toning the muscles with each pickup and slam. From 4 pounds, the wall balls can weigh up to 30, and their tested material is great for high-intensity training.


10. EVA Foam Rollers – Foam rollers are an integral component during rest days when you want to soothe your sore muscles and keep them flexible. These are made of a PVC+EVA based material and can hold a maximum weight of 85 KGs.

11. Yoga Mat – Even though the name suggests otherwise, use can use a yoga mat for your core workouts and stretching day for rest and recovery. It consists of an anti-slippery grip, anti-microbial, waterproof and eco-friendly NBR material and a lengthened surface area to suit strength training workouts as well.  


Author Bio: Sancket Kamdar, a certified weightlifting coach, and a successful entrepreneur founded SF HealthTech with a single goal in mind – to bring high quality, international standard exercise equipment to help fitness enthusiasts and athletes reach the next level of fitness. When he’s not working on new equipment ideas and designs, he loves to create educational content about health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. He also writes to help budding entrepreneurs on running and growing a business, based on his experience.

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