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There are different ways to put an accent in a simple house. Most homeowners concentrate on the kitchen or living room. Have you ever thought of making your staircase the center of attraction in your house? This is new idea and even more astounding is the fact that you can set a beautiful staircase with a polka dot design. Some would think of this as an absurd idea but try to Google polka dot inspired stairways. Aren’t they awesome?

Adding art to your stairs can be a unique approach to home interior designing. Subtle polka dot design will work fairly well on a simple staircase. You can keep the surrounding area such as the living room to be as simple as possible. Make the staircase the eye catcher. With the simple surround, the polka dots will not look overwhelming.

Here are some creative and innovative ideas on how to add polka dot design on your staircase. Interested in seeing photos of different stairways with polka dot design, you can view the site with 11 beautiful designs of staircases that are inspired with polka dots. Even the “Emmental Stairs” in Budapest is shown.

Carpets With Polka Dot Design

The most common way to add polka dot design on the house’s staircase is through a carpet. You can run it down from the topmost landing to the starting step. A black and white polka dot carpet on the stairs will be best accent given a white or neutral wall. If you want a more lively color, you can pick a red and white polka dot carpet. Your wall may have a touch of red and the best suggestion for this is to have a framed photo with some red and white polka dots in it. There is a Miharu Matsunaga concept of dots. This was originally applied on the human body. But you can borrow the concept and have it as your staircase decoration.

Are you very girly? Then perhaps the pink and white polka dot will suit your taste. The suggestion here is to have the polka dots painted on the risers only. Leave the double return tread part painted with solid pink. The handrail can also be painted in the same shade as the double return treads. Even if you are not girly, you can adopt this design for the riser, double return tread and handrail; you can substitute another color of choice for the pink part.

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Polka Dots on The Floor

There are other portions of the stairs, not necessarily the riser and tread that can be designed with polka dots. You can set the dots on the flooring or on the intermediate landing, if there is. Then, you can just leave all the stair’s steps as plain or solid in color. You can paint polka dots on the wall encasing the stairs.

In some homes, the lower part of the stairs has concrete materials. If your stairs have concrete materials, there is a great idea to incorporate polka dot design in this area. Can you find stones or marbles that are shaped in circles, regardless if they are of the same size? You can integrate them on the concrete stairs. Choose a stone or marble color that will stand out from the color of your concrete stairs.

Assorted Circles Along The Stairway

If you have wooden materials for the stairway wall, carving circles in this area can be another polka dot concept for your stair area. One example using polka dots is in the “Emmental Stairs” of an apartment in Budapest.

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