10 Ways to Improve Your Home Security


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With the advancement in technology, the security systems that we use today have also come a long way. Thanks to all the innovations and advances in technology, the modern man is more carefree than ever. Home security is an essential priority for any house owner, and modern technology satisfies all those requirements.

The new up to date systems give us the leisure to control and access the necessary information regarding our security systems from the palm of our own hands, which is both convenient and satisfying.

Although there are so many innovations, there is still no denying that our security threat has increased. We must take some extra measures to protect our home security systems. Below are 10 essential tips that could help you prevent dangerous threats and criminal activities near your premises.

1. Keep your valuables out of sight

Showcasing your wealth can get you into a lot of trouble. The best thing you can do to protect your house and your loved ones is to stay low-key. Keep all of your valuable belongings out of the sight of the public. If you have a branded new car or the latest TV, keep them hidden inside your house. Cover your windows and don’t drag attention towards them.

2. Don’t depend on “hide-a-key.”

Hiding a key is a sluggish way of hiding something so valuable. Any experienced burglar could find your key and break into your house. Get a smart door lock that can be unlocked with a key and a code as well. Consult a professional locksmith if you have any issues or need assistance. 

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3. Don’t make your absence obvious

Don’t make your absence obvious to the burglars. Ask your neighbors to cooperate with you and have your lawn mowed according to the routine. You can ask them to park your car at different spots daily. Request someone to collect all your mail not to give off the hint of your absence. Leave lights open in some rooms to give off a sign of your availability. 

4. Don’t go overboard with concealment

Don’t go too overboard with the protection of your house. Adding huge fences and extra walls will add more suspicion and drag more attention. You wouldn’t want that type of attention from burglars. 

5. Door Design

Doors with glass near the handle are prone to get broken by burglars. Avoid such sensitive designs indoors to avoid burglars. 

6. Motion-activated lights

Motion-activated lights will startle anyone trying to barge inside your premises. These lights are a smart investment towards the security of your house. 

7. Second-floor protection

We often forget to take preventative measures on the second floor of our house. The second floor is very prone to get attacked by burglars due to less protection. Do not forget to put window sensors, glass-break detectors, and locks on the second floor as well. Keep the lights open to give a sign that someone is present. 

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8. Police Inspection

For extra protection, get the police to inspect your premises. They will let you know of all the measures you need to take and the threats in your area. They are professionals with useful advice. 

9. Window Locks

Investing in high-quality window locks and sensors is just as important as keeping your doors locked. Window alarm systems are adequate protection against intruders as well. You can use these on basement windows and first-floor windows to keep those areas safe even in your absence.

10. Common sense

Basic knowledge and preventative measures go a long way. Don’t make opportunities for the burglars to attack your premises. Stay out of sight and don’t grab too much attention. Always be careful and alert to your surroundings. Don’t be overly protective but also don’t be too unaware. Common sense goes a long way. 

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