10 Ways to Help Keep your Commercial Property Secure


Keep your Commercial Property Secure

The knowledge that your commercial premises are safe and secure is utmost in the mind of most business owners. If you suffer a break-in or damage at your property it is not only likely to cause distress to you and your staff but in extreme cases put the future of your business in jeopardy.

While it is impossible to completely eradicate the risk of your premises being targeted there are many steps you can take to ensure it has the best level of protection available. Listed below are several steps you can take to help keep your business premises secure.

Fit Quality Locks 

This may seem obvious, but you must fit suitable locks. Always try and ensure your locks conform to British Standards such as BS3621. While some business owners try to save costs by fitting locks themselves or using cheaper options this is often counterproductive. We would always advise using professional locksmiths in Newcastle Upon Tyne or whatever part of the country your business is situated in. Many insurance companies make it a condition of your policy to have BS Standard locks and some even offer discounted policies for doing so. 

Don’t Ignore Doors and Windows

CCTV Security Camera

Fitting glass doors is not generally advisable as they are much easier to break into. You can strengthen your doors by fitting steel strips to the sides. Fit locks to your windows and ensure they are closed and locked whenever the business is closed. If you want to add extra security you could consider fitting security bars to your windows. 

Secure the Area Around Your Property  

If you have an external wall or boundary ensure it is adequately fenced off. You may want to consider installing automated or electric gates in Glasgow or any other area to improve the security of your premises. Always keep ladders and tools stored away as leaving them out is an invitation to would-be thieves to enter your property. If your business is in a built-up area illuminate the entrances, never forget criminals thrive in the darkness.

Consider Installing a Monitored Alarm or Security System

Without stating the obvious every business premises should be properly alarmed. There are lots of different options and it is important to choose the one that offers you the appropriate level of protection. It is always worth considering a monitored alarm system.

This will keep you connected to a specialist company that will notify a nominated key-holder or the police whenever your alarm is activated. While this may involve an extra cost it is usually worth it for the peace of mind it offers to know that your business premises are being monitored at all times. 

Use Motion Detection and CCTV to deter would-be Criminals 

Along with an alarm system, it is worth considering CCTV and motion detectors. A lot of burglaries are opportunist crimes, and any level of security will deter all but the most determined intruder. The fact that a business has a surveillance system will undoubtedly make criminals think again. It has the added advantage that should someone try to enter your property you have footage of the perpetrator to pass to the police. 

Establish Clear Security Procedures for Staff and Visitors

CCTV security guard in the mall building.

It is important to control visitor access to any business, this can be done by operating a simple sign-in procedure. Ask employees to wear identification around your property and be prepared to challenge anyone not doing so. Make sure you know who is locking up at the end of the day. Make sure you are fully aware of who the key-holders are and the whereabouts of all your sets of keys. 

Hide Your Business’s Valuables

Try and keep all valuables away from the sight of prying eyes, items like laptops and tools are the type of things opportunist thieves are looking for. If you handle cash on-site ensure your staff are trained to handle it safely. Always be aware of where keys are kept especially for company vehicles, it is advisable to keep them out of sight at all times. 

Plan for When Your Premises are Unoccupied

If your business is going to be unoccupied for any length of time due to a holiday, at night or weekend it is important to take precautions. Think about putting the following measures in place.

  • Use lighting timers to give the impression the property is occupied
  • If you have an office event or Christmas party avoid advertising on social media – burglars constantly check things like Instagram and Facebook for opportunities.

Remain Vigilant and Be Prepared

It is easy to become complacent especially if things seem to be going well but that is the exact time you need to take care. Try and make it a point to regularly review the security of your business.

  • Ensure your alarm system is regularly checked and remains well maintained
  • Inspect all access points and make sure all your lighting is working as it should.
  • Think about signing up to a local business watch scheme if there is one in the area.

Minimise any Losses

Despite taking all possible precautions it is a fact of life that you could be a victim of crime. If your business is targeted, it is possible to minimise the impact.

  • Make sure you have a clear inventory of all assets, take photos and mark with a UV pen.
  • If you are targeted contact your insurer and police without delay.
  • Criminals often return after the event as they know stolen goods will have been replaced- be extra vigilant in the weeks following any burglary.

It is impossible to guarantee that your business will never be targeted by criminals, however, hopefully, the tips we have given above will help make it much less likely. 

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