10 Ways to Flip Your Kitchen On a Budget

Your kitchen is the heart of your household but can often be overlooked for its importance. In most homes, the kitchen is where the family meets, meals are created, and memories are made. If you have noticed that your kitchen has been looking a bit worn down and dated lately, it might be time for a flip.

Kitchen renovations are among the most popular home improvement projects taken on by owners. Renovating your kitchen also has a higher ROI than other, more expensive projects. However, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to give your kitchen a brand new look.

Many things can be done, including adding new and stylish Dekton Countertops to refresh and refurbish your kitchen. With some DIY effort, you can turn your kitchen into a fresh new space that your family will love. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to flip your kitchen on a budget.

New Countertops

Your countertops have taken a lot of abuse over the years. From scrapes and scratches to burns and stains, your countertops could freshen up. You have so many options to choose from regarding your countertops. You can try a resurfacing epoxy kit to give your counters the marble or concrete look or install all new countertops with a new color, material, and style.

Paint Walls

You would be surprised how a new coat of paint can liven up your boring kitchen walls. While plain white is a traditional kitchen color that remains timeless, you may want to spruce up your walls with a warm gray, a light blue, or a cheery yellow to give them new life. If you prefer a more dramatic transformation, you can choose a bright and daring color as an accent wall in your kitchen and complement it with similar colored accessories.

New Fixtures

Is your kitchen tap corroded or leaking? It may be time to update your kitchen fixtures if your home’s current set is original. You may not think that a simple faucet could make a big difference in your kitchen, but a simple new fixture could change the whole tone of the room. You can choose the size, shape, and extra functions you would like along with the finish.


If your kitchen is dim and dingy, you may not be lighting it up as it deserves. You can replace your old pendant lighting with elegant spotlighting, recessed lighting, under-counter string lighting, and pendants to be hung over your main cooking areas. A naturally bright kitchen in the day should have sufficient lighting in the evening to show off its features. 

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Paint or Stain Cupboards

Your cabinets take a real beating over the years and can start to look aged if you don’t change them. Replacing all of your cabinetry can be a strain on your budget. An affordable and easy way to update your cupboards is to put on a new coat of paint or stain. You can change the look of your entire kitchen in just a weekend of painting. 

If you want to paint or stain your cabinets, you must do some prep work. First, clean your cabinetry with mild soap and warm water. Next, you will need to fill any holes or scratches with wood filler. Lastly, you will want to lightly sand down the surface of your cabinets to prepare them for the new paint or stain. If you are going from a dark to a light color, you should add a primer layer to help you get the proper coverage. 

New Hardware

If your cabinetry hardware is old and dated, switching out your drawer pulls and cupboard handles can give your kitchen a modern look. Go for something more streamlined and give your cabinets a fresh look.

When you replace your hardware, you can either find new items that match the pre-drilled holes that are already available, or you can fill those holes and drill new ones to accommodate your new hardware. You can also paint or bronze your existing hardware to give it a new shine.

Add Backsplash

One of the most often neglected areas of a kitchen is the backsplash. This is the narrow area that sits between your cabinets and countertops. In most kitchens, this area is just painted, but you don’t have to settle for anything that is that boring. You can paint your backsplash with a bright contrasting color for a splash of style or add a ceramic tile effect that will give your kitchen some class. There are unlimited varieties of materials, colors, and textures in backsplash options, so it will be easy to find one that suits your kitchen perfectly.

Update Appliances

Is your stove missing a knob, or is the front of your refrigerator stained and dented? Older appliances make your kitchen look a bit drab and dated. If you are looking for a simple way to update your whole kitchen, you should start with replacing your older appliances. A new range or fridge can help your kitchen to look clean and modern. Newer appliances are designed to be more energy efficient, so replacing your older models can save you money on electricity bills.

Add an Island

Most homeowners who think they need a new kitchen are only looking for more counter space. Having a large enough area to prepare meals for your family comfortably is a luxury for many people. You can add an island to your floor plan if you want to expand your kitchen space without knocking out any walls. A kitchen island can serve as a place for an extra stovetop, clear counter space, eating area, and extra storage space. 

New Flooring

Your kitchen is likely one of the busiest places in your home. That makes your kitchen floors high-traffic areas. Over time, even with regular washing and waxing, your floors can start to look dingy, dented, or stained. If you are looking for a way to refresh your kitchen, you should consider installing new flooring. Choose from ceramic tile, vinyl, wood, bamboo, or cork flooring. Each flooring type has pros and cons, depending on your family’s needs. Most flooring is now designed to be easy to install and can be done without hiring a contractor. 

Follow these tips to help flip your kitchen and create a new look that will last for years.

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