10 Ways Filipinos Haggle


Filipinos Haggle1

There’s a common misconception that rich people are blessed to have high incomes, but this is only half of the equation. The more pessimistic people can claim it’s all from corrupt dealings. Wealth does not always come from just being handed down, being frugal is also key to saving money. Of course, there are other ways to save, considering the abundant presence of places to shop from brick and mortar businesses to online shopping sites.

Here is a list of things you can try to save money.

 1. Play the part

Brush up on some acting skills and dress for the occasion. Everyday clothing plays an important part in haggling attempts. It sure is fun to dress to impress, but when you don’t know how to dress for the occasion, you’re going to have a hard time haggling. What exactly are we talking about? If you are wearing expensive jewelry, a signature handbag, or some really expensive shoes, you will certainly have a hard time convincing the salesman for a discount.

 2. Choose the proper location

Just like clothing, picking the right place to shop in plays a vital role to get a discount. You are more likely to get a larger discount at a retail store by the road than a giant mall. If you shop at a mall the salespeople there expect that you have the money to dole out.

 3. The more the merrier?

This isn’t a standard practice by most shopping centers but more of a favor. The idea is that the customer will buy as many affordable items to increase the chance of getting a discount. Flea markets or small retail shops are likely to allow this type of discount. If this is the plan of action, it’s best to make sure the shop in question has all the items needed for purchase.

4. Know when to take your losses

Filipinos Haggle

Bargaining for a lower price can only go so far, depending on the season, what you are buying, where are you buying, and who’s behind the counter. These factors all play a part in your chances of getting discounts. If you can’t get the seller to crack, then you might want to consider going for another shop.

5. First Sale, No Bail

Perhaps it’s just a superstition but many vendors believe it is bad luck to refuse the first sale of the day so they will do their best to get the transaction going. If you happened to be the first customer then you can take the opportunity to haggle and get that discount.

6. Last Sale, Jose

Just like the first sale, a buyer who happens to be the last customer for the day could get a discount if they’re lucky. Naturally, this isn’t a guarantee because it’s just superstition, and it depends on store policy. If the shop has a cash register equipped with a barcode reader, you’re not getting your discount unless there is a promo.

7. Take the time to scout shops

One of the biggest things that can get people in trouble is if they give in to buying on impulse. The smartest of shoppers will know this is not a good thing to do. Take the time to go around town. Visit different shops and ask around for their best offers. Make a comparison of prices between shops and pick whichever offers the lowest price.

8. Stay calm

Remain respectful as much as possible. The last thing a customer wants is a shouting competition for a pair of socks. Perhaps it’s not the holiday season, and you are asking for a discount rate offered during Christmas? Be reasonable as a buyer and respect the vendor’s price. Chances are, you will be coming back to the same shop sometime in the future; having bad blood with the shop owner is not going to be in your favor.

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