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10 Tips to Look for Apartments in Dubai

10 Tips to Look for Apartments in Dubai

Dubai, with its high economic growth and lavish lifestyle, attracts people from every corner of the world. When moving to Dubai either for work or any other business, finding a place to stay will be your first challenge. Here are a few tips to help you with your house-hunting.


If you prefer to hire a real estate agent to look for an apartment for you in Dubai, make sure that the agent is RERA registered. RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Authority, whose registration is mandatory for any authentic real estate agent. Ask your agent for his broker’s number and cross-check the same on RERA’s website.

2. Search Online

Even if your real estate agent is working on it, you can check out property listings online. There is a high probability for you to find the perfect apartment than your real estate agent as you know your needs better. Plus, you will get an idea about the price range of apartments in each area. Dubai has everything from neatly-furnished to basic-unfurnished flats. So there are many options for you to choose from.

3. Near is Better


Choose a place close to your workplace. Even if it is a little expensive, staying close to your office will cut fuel costs. Traffic can get heavy most of the time in Dubai. If you don’t drive, pick a place that has good access to public transport. Decide your mode of transport before you rent a place.

4. Know What You Need

This sounds simple, yet it is vital. Make a list of the amenities you’d want. If you own a vehicle, add parking space to the list as it is hard to find an apartment with one in Dubai. If you are not clear with your priorities, you may buy a fashioned apartment in a hurry only to realize you are lacking many essential features. A check-list will prevent this from happening.

5. Visit the Apartment


If you like the property pictures you’ve seen online or the ones your agent brought, pay a visit to the property. Things differ from pictures when seen directly. You will get an idea about the area too.

6. Keep Your Documents At Hand

Commonly asked documents include your passport, residence visa, work contract, and bank statement. Carry a copy of each of them with you when finalizing the deal.

7. Talk To The Neighbors

Talking to the neighbors of your chosen apartment is the easiest way to know about a locality. It will make you understand whether it’s suitable for you or not. Ask about the security conditions and if there are things to be careful about when living there. English speakers are common in Dubai. So, don’t worry about any language issue.

8. Ejari


In Dubai, you must register your rental contract with Ejari to avoid legal punishment. The Ejari registration is the sole responsibility of the tenant and neither the landlord nor the realtor will be questioned for breaching. However, in case you and your landlord have some disagreements over contract you can take help of a lawyer from BSO at https://bso.ae/rental-dispute-lawyer-in-dubai.html

9. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Take pictures of every nook and corner in the apartment as proof of how it was before you moved in. Do the same in case of any repairs after moving in. Though most of the landlords are nice, having proof will protect you from being falsely accused of damages (and penalties that follow).

10. Know About The Contract

Read the contact twice or till you understand every line. Once you sign the contract, you won’t be able to change it (until again mutually agreed). If your landlord breaks the contract in between, a penalty will be imposed on him. The same applies to the tenant. There are tenant’s rights too. For example, a hike in the rent should follow RERA’s regulations.

It is not as tough as it sounds to find an apartment in Dubai if you follow these tips and guidelines.

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