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House Cleaner

You don’t have time to do the housework? You are a large family and you also have two cats and a dog that leave everything messy and dirty in its path? Then it’s time to hire a housekeeping service. However, despite the growing need for families to hire a professional cleaning service for their homes, few finally decide to do so; in most cases hiring a low cost cleaner with few references.

And why this is happening? Basically because it is the cheapest, and because people do not see the advantages of hiring a professional cleaning company with references and quality guarantees for a slightly higher price.

But the truth is that this price increase is then rewarded and more than rewarded. Whether it’s because you need help on time because of family problems or work that you’ll have to leave home more, because you want to do a spring thorough cleaning or for a small fixed weekly help that gives you more time to do other things, deciding to hire a cleaning company will always be your best resource.

You don’t quite see it? Then to help you dispel all your doubts, we will give you 10 tips so that hiring a professional cleaning service for your home does not pose a problem and you can see all the benefits it offers.

Make a note of it!

Ask your family and friends for advice

A good way to start your research is by consulting family and friends who know they have some professional housekeeping service. In this way, you will get a much more real and close view of the service and professionalism that a company offers, beyond what its website can tell you. After all, companies’ websites will always say what you want to hear and they won’t give you a more real version of everything they do.
Ask your family and friends for advice
On the other hand, if you ask your friend what he thinks of a company that comes to his house every week, what he says will be totally real and contrasted.

Look for online comments from company customers

We live in the digital age, which means that if you want to have some chance as a professional and be on a level playing field with the competition, What you need to have is an official website where customers can view your work and also leave comments about their experience with your company.

It is precisely these comments that will make a person decide to call a company or not at the right time. Therefore, if you observe that the cleaning company you have looked for has thousands of negative comments, it is better to dismiss it and look for another one, and vice versa.

Experience in the sector and accreditations

The company you have sought for cleaning your home has been working in this sector for many years or has just opened? You have won a prize that proves your professionalism or is part of a professional affiliation program? All of these aspects are key before choosing a cleaning company, especially if you are going to hire it on a fixed basis so that they are at home and without anyone supervising.

Nowadays, there are many shell companies that appear and disappear under different names after having had some serious complaint or demand from the client; therefore, the more experience and official accreditations have, the better.

Surety, insurance and work compensation?

Have you thought about what would happen if during the hours when the company is cleaning in your home some accident or theft happens? The company has an insurance policy in place to cover the damage caused or the medical expenses of its employees in the event of an accident during their working hours?
Surety, insurance and work compensation
We also have to take all these aspects into account before hiring a company or not, otherwise we could end up in a serious problem where we would only lose time and money.

Offer of services

When you make the decision to hire a professional cleaning company like SwiftClean home cleaning you should be very clear about the service you will need from them, that is, if you only want them to come one day a week to do the kitchen and the garage, or if you need a more complete service in which they can come several days a month and do many different tasks.

Each company has its own offer of services, so some will offer you a fixed and invariable cleaning service and others will give you the possibility to customize it and choose to your liking the days and the cleaning tasks; each company is different, but that doesn’t mean that some are worse than others because of it, you’ll just have to choose the one that really suits your needs.

Satisfaction guaranteed?

One of the most common slogans in any service company is the following: “Enjoy the best home service with the best personalized advice. Our quality is fully guaranteed!” This slogan is very nice, but when it comes down to it, few companies are really willing to compensate their customers if there are any problems.

Therefore, investigate well whether the cleaning company you’re looking at has real guarantees of satisfaction for its customers and compensate them for the inconvenience suffered.

Permanent employees or temporary workers?

This may not seem relevant to you, but knowing if a company has a full staff of permanent or temporary employees can make the difference between a quality service and a poor one.

Normally, the contract employees of the companies do not have the same working conditions as a fixed one, therefore the supervision and the value given to that person is also inferior. As a result, contract workers tend to perform much less than contract workers, as their wages are unsatisfactory and easily replaceable.

It is therefore important to find out whether this company we select has a fixed workforce of satisfied workers or not, as our own satisfaction with its services will depend on it.

Understand who you’re hiring

You’ve already discussed this before, but it’s really important to know who you decide to let into your home. So, once you decide to hire a company, don’t hesitate to ask them for proven references about their workers.

Which will give you the confidence and tranquility to leave home in the morning and know that when you come back everything will remain the same and that the work you have paid has been done well.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies
The cleaning company you’ve been looking for offers its own cleaning supplies or you have to supply them yourself? This is also a factor to consider, as depending on the house you live in, whether you have pets or wooden floors, standard cleaning products will not work for you and you will need others to use.

There are companies that give you the possibility to customize your order and offer you a tailor-made service, but there are others that have fixed products and will not accept any changes. So it is important to analyze the available options and choose the one that offers us better conditions.

Terms of Service

Each company has its own service policy, in which the customer has specific terms and deadlines to make changes or cancel his order.

Sometimes, if we do not take these terms into account, the company may come to penalize us and ask us for more money for the cancellation, since they have a problem reprogramming everything and losing a service; you must carefully read any small print to avoid any unpleasantness.

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