10 Things to Do First After Moving into a New Home


Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home can be a fun task when you prepare for the little things. Paperwork, tools and high pressure washers should be at the top of your list. But what is on the rest of that list? It’s your home, so now is better than ever to make it official.

1. Get A Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a multipurpose cleaning tool. Consumer and professional models have different power levels to make them unique. Once you get the pressure washer, buy the additional cleaning solutions to complete the package.

2. Inspect the House

Inspect the House

The agreement when buying a home may include an acknowledgement of work that needs to be done before finalizing the purchase. Before you dive headfirst into moving in, make sure that the items on your purchase agreement match up with what you were promised.

3. Do the Renovation Dance

When you have big plans for a room in your home, getting started is the hardest part. Sometimes it takes a while to stop living out of your moving boxes. Use renovation ideas to accelerate the move in process to your benefit.

4. Clean

Before you start unpacking, clean the home. It’s easier to clean empty rooms that don’t have large items to move around. This initial cleaning will save you time and frustration before starting any big home projects.

5. Check Your Moving Boxes

The condition of your moving boxes is important if you hired a company to handle the move. Keep their contact information near, and take pictures before and after the move. If anything is damaged, you need proof to claim it.

6. Locate the Fuse Box

Make sure that none of the fuses are blown out. This would also be a good time to label fuses that lack any information. Nothing is more frustrating than having to hit the master switch due to a mislabeled fuse.

7. Locate the Emergency Shut Off Valve

Just like the fuse box, the emergency shut off valve is an essential part of home ownership. Become familiar with both its location and use in an emergency situation. If you need to give directions to a family member over the phone, knowing the valve placement will be beneficial.

happy young couple sitting together on sofa and looking away in new house

8. Organize the Necessities

Keep the necessities separate from the regular boxes. You don’t need to unpack every single box on the first day of your move in. Necessities include clothes, tools, kitchen materials and chargers.

9. Make the New Address Official

The official change of address should be automatic based on your given date. But this doesn’t cover friends, family and professional contacts. Update these three groups as necessary so that new mail doesn’t arrive at your old home.

10. Introduce Yourself

It’s not uncommon to spend years at a single address and not know who your neighbors are. A simple introduction can replace years’ worth of awkward waving to strangers. Introductions aren’t mandatory, but can be a necessary step to enjoying your new home.  

Take A Deep Breath

You can’t accomplish everything from the list in a single day. Take some time to enjoy the special moments of quiet in your new home. Once everything is set up, checking off that final item will be like a breath of fresh air.

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