10 Signs You’re Dealing With A Good Moving Company


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Moving or relocating is no small task. It’s rather challenging and stressful. Moving companies play a significant role in ensuring everything is intact until you reach your next destination.

However, because of some people’s negative connotations about movers, it’s becoming difficult to trust moving companies nowadays. That’s why in this article, you will find ten signs that will help you know you are dealing with a reputable moving company. So continue reading!

They have a license 

This is one of the most important signs that you are dealing with a good moving company. It must be authorised to operate by the concerned authorities, such as the local or state government.

Some movers may lack permits and licenses. Hiring such companies puts your belongings at risk since the ability and capacity of the mover are yet to be certified by relevant authorities. However, an accredited moving company proves it meets the required capability to move and take care of your belongings.

They have been in business for long 

Moving companies like chicago professional movers, that have been in business for many years indeed have a high chance of being more reliable. Why? Because no company would last long if it’s not reputable and good at what they perform. 

In addition, established movers in Kitchener have come across different moving jobs, so they are more experienced and efficient in their duties, a trait recently formed moving companies may lack.


They have insurance

This implies that even if they damage your belongings, you will not suffer any financial loss. This is so because the mover’s insurance covers goods carried by a moving company. Therefore, if your belongings get damaged while moving, they will compensate you. 

If the moving company lacks a mover’s insurance, they may refuse to pay any damages that might occur during moving.

Provides you with a thorough estimate

A moving company must provide customers with detailed mover’s estimates.

This will give you an idea of what to expect when you hire their moving services.

With this, you can easily plan for the budget necessary to facilitate the moving process.

Gives quality assurance

If you find a moving company that provides quality assurance to its customers, you can be sure of getting the best services.

A reputable mover will not promise something they cannot deliver. They have a reputation to protect, so they must offer the best service possible to safeguard their good name at all costs.

Have plenty of good reviews from previous customers

Trustworthy moving companies only provide their customers with the best services.

Their services are not limited to a particular group of people; they give their customers equal treatment, no matter their background or social status. That’s why, before you hire a moving company, you should check previous customer reviews.

An excellent place to find genuine reviews and testimonials is by checking the social media pages of a moving company or searching on google. The more good reviews a company has means it’s reputable.

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Offer on-site assessments

A moving company that offers free on-site assessments is a sign of reliability.

When you hire a moving company, they must first come to your place and assess the situation before giving you anything in writing. This means they will identify your needs first hand. Hence, they can customise their services to meet your moving needs. 

This will also help you avoid any unpleasant situation as the moving company provides customers with detailed estimates before moving day. Therefore, you can decide to go on and hire them or not.  

A reputable moving company will always give out detailed price estimates to its customers regardless of if you hire them or not.

Provides free moving boxes

Providing customers with free moving boxes for packing items is an excellent idea every good moving company should adopt. Packing boxes will not only store your fragile stuff safely, but will also help avoid the inconvenience of rushing to the store before or during moving to buy packing materials. 

Offers a variety of services

A good moving company offers not only moving services but also provides other associated services.

These include storage facilities, packing materials rental, and cleaning up services for your new place before the movers can pack your belongings inside.

Have a physical office         

Any moving company must have a physical office for you to visit should there be any issues with your move. Although most have well-detailed websites, it’s not enough, as you cannot be sure if the information provided there is accurate or not.

Therefore, before hiring any moving company, visiting their physical office would be a good idea.

Last Take      

Most of the ten signs mentioned above will be present in a good moving company. If you notice that your chosen mover does not meet some requisites discussed here, you better look for an alternative. Or else you risk having a bad moving experience. So don’t compromise!

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