10 Reasons Your Bathroom Deserves a Makeover

There’s no denying that the washroom of your home is more than just a place where you clean or relieve yourself. Most people have not realized this and have not thought about why they need to renovate the bathroom. If you’re one of them, there are too many reasons why you should and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.  

Safety First

Oftentimes ER admittances and fire or electrical hazards originate in bathrooms. Being both a place you rush into for many reasons and has water close to electricity and slippery surfaces, safety should be the priority of any bathroom design. The plumbing, electricals, flooring, drainage, tapware fittings, and overall design should be impeccable and meet the latest standards. 

Your Happy Place

Your bath should be a happy place where you can unwind after a long day. It is also the place you first look into the mirror first in the morning. So it is only fitting that the bathroom appeals to you. And luckily enough, we have got a wide range of options to make a washroom appealing – aesthetically and comfort-wise. This can include everything from beautiful tiles and fixtures to avant-garde technology meant to ease you down.

Your Bathroom already has a Problem or Lacks a Major Feature

It is not always that the bathroom is old, it can be lacking or defective due to bad planning or a change made to the surrounding structures. Leaks, rot, mold, rust, scales, and other factors can be affecting the efficiency or elegance of your bathroom. Therefore, waterproofing should be one of the most important features your bathroom and plumbing must have, to prevent all the mentioned problems. 

And when replacing a unit or two of the system is not enough to address the issue, you may need a wider makeover to make sure there won’t be more problems in the long run. 

Bathroom 1

More Room for Your Essentials

The bathroom is also the place where you store numerous beauty and hygiene products, medications, accessories, electronics, laundry baskets, napkins, and towels at hand. Imagine having to walk around in a towel to grab shampoo, razors, tampons, clips, or a hairdryer. Even worse – imagine having no towels at hand!

A bathroom cabinet in which you can organize these essentials conveniently enough is not a luxury, but a necessity. And you do not need a large bathroom for this, an expert renovator can maximize your existing space to get this done for you. 

Revamp to the Date

Keeping your bathroom updated is not just in the aesthetic sense, again. Modern bathroom installation is today far from just the nugatory artistic bathtubs of the past. Today, the most luxurious-looking tapware fixtures are just as practical as you want them to be. The best bathroom reno in Mississauga is where we have seen convenience meet style. Whether you have a 1 BHK apartment or an 1800’s style mansion, your bathroom can be remodelled style-appropriately while still integrating the latest technology artfully. 

Green is the new Grand

Energy efficiency is what the world needs today, and the world of bathroom renovation offers that too. The bathroom electrical wiring and appliances can be redone using energy-saving alternatives so that you get much smaller utility bills moving forward. Windows and ventilators that allow better lighting and temperature control also help in bringing down energy consumption. WaterSense labelled fixtures are also opted by environmentally conscious house owners to save water, electricity, and money. 

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A new bathing cubicle, shower panel, a new mirror and shaving station – some units just add a ton of functionality to any bathroom. Modular bathrooms are digitally smart, customizable to your needs and preferences, a long-term investment, and give you value for your money. 

Skyrocket the Resale Value of Your House

A safe, trendy, energy-efficient, environment-conscious, and convenient bathroom that has no major problems is something home-hunters would love to have. A bathroom revamp is an investment, whether you want to sell the house immediately or in a while. So, don’t let a leaky bathroom peter out the value of your house in the real estate market. 

Your Home Needs to Change When the Family Grows

Bouncy new baby additions or a member growing old, you may need to adapt your bathroom with the changing needs. With a child, you may need to move storage spaces upward and fit wash-hand basins at a lower height. For the ageing or disabled members of the nest, you may need to add railings, grab bars, extra lighting, or even bath harnesses. You may also need to customize the bathrooms so that wheelchairs may be maneuvered inside. 

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To blend the different areas of the house together

A house usually has a particular style and persona to it. But bathrooms are oftentimes left out as something different. This not only affects real estate value, but also the overall identity of the house. So you may need to make the bathroom of a vintage home look vintage while boosting it technologically or knock down an old bathroom and rebuild it for the modular architecture of your home.

The Bottom line

You may have had one reason to be renovating your bathroom and hence decided to spend time reading this. But now that you have 10 reasons and just as many personal views to them, why wait? Give your local best home renovator a ring to see the magic happen.

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