10 Most Common Gardening Tools You Should Own


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Gardening Tools

Gardening brings you close to nature and offers you an escape from daily hectic life. It is a difficult job, though.

You can’t sit back and watch your plants grow. But, you can get tools that make this hobby simpler for you so that it overcomes the tiredness.

Your gardening kit must include these 10 main tools.

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1. Lawn Mower

“Mow the lawn, they said. It will be fun, they said.”.

If you’re someone who says the same thing, you either never got to try any solid option in lawn mowers or you’re still stuck with a back-aching manual push mower.

Try mowing with either a gas-powered model or an electric model and you’ll realize what comfort you have missed all this time.

2. Pruning Shears

Pruning Shears

Those big scissors that gardeners use when cutting or shaping plants are called pruning shears. There are several models in garden scissors, for example, large shears (called loppers) which are ideal for wide and thick branches.

You don’t have to hurt your hands while cutting sharper sections of the plant if you add a pair of pruning shears to your collection. Plus, your plants too can be shaped beautifully.

3. Trowel

The trowel serves as a scooper for your gardening works. Its blade is made of metal and the handle is of wooden or plastic (although, wooden is ideally strong). A trowel acts as a mini shovel. You can dig small holes, pluck out thick-rooted weeds and layer soil around a plant or into a pot with it.

4. Hoe

If there is a gardening tool as famous as the lawnmower, it has to be the good old (older than the traditional plow) garden hoe. It is still preferred due to its ‘all-rounder’ purpose. You can dig small holes, pull out weeds, loosen up the soil and even harvest crops such as onions and carrots.

5. Weed Puller

Weed Puller

Weeding is tedious, let’s face it. After a session of weed removal, your fingers need time to heal. Worry no more as weed puller, shortly weeder makes weeding easy peasy. There are weed removers with long handles and with them, you don’t even have to bend when pulling out the weeds. Think you need anything cooler than this?

6. Hose

A garden with no adequate supply of water is totally illogical. Choose a garden hose of sufficient length depending on your garden’s area. You should be able to connect the pipe at one end of the garden and use the hose at the other end. Keep in mind that the pressure of the water varies inversely with the length of the hose. Rubber garden hoses are widely preferred due to their durability.

7. Rake

To keep your garden tidy all the time, you cannot skip getting a rake. A standard broom cannot cleanly sweep the garden and this is why you need a rake. It has flexible metal tines that help you to heap up the dried leaves and other rubbish in the garden. Most rakes come with two sides for plucking dead grass out of the soil.

8. Digging Fork

Digging Fork

Also known as a garden fork, it is used to dig the soil by several layers. Another type of fork called the compost fork is curved and lets you lift compost or soil and spread it evenly. A digging fork is recommended for the job as its tines are unlikely to damage the
plant roots.

9. Tiller

A tiller is used to prepare the soil to accommodate the seeds(it is important to till the garden before planting). It softens the soil by breaking the rocky portions. You can choose a dual tool that works as a tiller as well as a cultivator. When choosing a tiller, your checklist should include tilling depth and width, speed, weight, and noise level.

10. Wheelbarrow

Gardening is a tough job and involves heavy stuff, be it tools or debris. You will have to move around carrying things (mulch/compost/fertilizer/plants). Wheelbarrow serves as a trolley and as a mixing bowl for fertilizers. Steel wheelbarrows are more costly and durable than plastic versions.

There are many other gardening tools but the above are the must-haves for any gardener (including beginners). Needless to say, you should regularly clean your tools to prevent the spread of diseases from one plant to another.

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