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10 Best Commercial Flooring Contractors Near Me

It takes a lot to be known as one of the top regional flooring contractors available, and one that has been around for near 40 plus years and is still going successfully. That’s the case for our first flooring contractor provided in this list, leading the pack both with experience and performance. That’s not to say they are the only flooring player available. However, one doesn’t get to the top of the best flooring contractor list through marketing. Some are specific to just a certain type of flooring or to just residential versus commercial, and others have a broader market providing flooring service work for all customer types. Some providers only focus on installation while others provide install as well as ongoing maintenance and repair services as well. Their extensive expertise happens with challenging projects, skill, an ability to deliver consistently, and a service that builds up a higher quality with each job performed. Here’s why for each of these companies servicing the greater Boston region. 

S & R Carpet and Floors

Being established back in 1979, S & R has stayed local, familiar, family-owned, and a successful commercial flooring contractor for at least four decades. The company has seen a lot over the years, and it humbly engages every project with a dedication and quality that tends to be hard to find on big projects these days. And the performance consistently speaks for itself. Big projects like O’Neil Cinema, Logan International Airport, Emerson Hospital, and the Perkins School for the Blind all show the scale and capability of what S & R Carpet and Floors delivers on a job. Combined with a competitive pricing scheme, the company has continued to position itself well, serving customers wonderfully while being one of the flooring leaders year after year. 

AJ Hubbard & Sons

Commercial Flooring Contractors1

Serving the Boston metropolitan area, AJ Hubbard & Sons has gained a long-standing reputation for a wide variety of flooring choices being provided. They are able to handle standard selections in laminate and vinyl as well as natural choices in an assortment of wood types as well. The company has made a reputation for itself with small detail work that gives their product a unique difference. AJ Hubbard also has a sizable collection of area rugs for smaller office use as well.

American Hardwood Floor Services

Having been in business since 1933, American Hardwood Floor Services has been a traditional resource for Boston when it comes to flooring needs. They have a long-term expertise in wood flooring as well as renovating and refinishing existing wood flooring already installed. American Hardwood is also known for work in specific and customized detailed needs as well for both residential as well as business locations. 

Artisan & Son Hardwood Flooring

Commercial Flooring Contractors

Specializing in woodwork refinishing, sanding, and resurfacing, Artisan & Son Hardwood Flooring focuses on wood flooring for Boston clients in the greater regional area. They provide a heavy emphasis on residential wood flooring services as well as renovations. Artisan & Son also helps clients with maintenance, servicing buffing and polishing needs on a scheduled basis as well. 

Braintree Rug Company

With a big emphasis on rugs, carpeting and Braintree Rug Company has been servicing Boston clients since the late 1960s with flooring demands. They are not limited to carpeting, however. Braintree also provides natural wood flooring, including cork, as well as ceramic tile and manufactured laminate and vinyl as well. Regularly serving residential needs, Braintree handles all aspects of home flooring needs, including moisture penetration prevention in high traffic wet areas like kitchens. 

Colonial Hardwood Flooring

Professionally dedicated to wood flooring, Colonial Hardwood Flooring has spent a quarter of a century providing clients professional wood surface installation. With a dustless sanding system that allows renovation of existing wood floors, Colonial has been a key service for homeowners who want to keep their existing floors instead of replacing as well. 

Joy Floors

Focusing on hardwood flooring in particular for Boston clients and the greater region, Joy Floors is a full-service provider from installation to maintenance and renovation, including resurfacing needs. Designed to handle all types of surfaces for flooring, Joy Floors has a known expertise with multi-levels such as stairs and multi-level floor buildings. They cover all wood types including cork and bamboo. In addition, Joy Floors handles laminate flooring as well. 

Mark’s Master Service

Handling flooring services for Boston metro, Mark’s Master Service also handles wood flooring needs as well as facelifting and repair work in addition to general installation of new planks and pieces. When not working wood flooring, Mark’s Master Service regularly takes care of wall-to-wall carpet removal as well for those who want to convert to a wood approach instead. The company also provides the standard service work in other common flooring like tile, linoleum, stone, and ceramic tile choices as well. 

Quincy’s Floor Care Service

Working both the Boston area as well as the wider region, Quincy’s has a long history helping in flooring repair. For three decades Quincy has been helping both commercial and residential orders as well as maintenance service needs.


Similar to other Boston flooring services, ScreenCoat provides an extensive work resource for wood flooring needs, including both installation as well as maintenance. They also differentiate with staining services, allowing clients to change the color of their wood flooring as desired. The company services the greater Boston region versus just the metro area, and they also provide painting services as well.

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