10 Bedroom Cleaning Tips You Can Do in an Hour



Cleaning your bedroom regularly ensures you get a good night’s rest, which prepares you for the next day’s activities. However, homeowners have a hard time sticking to a regular cleaning schedule. Contrary to popular belief, cleaning your bedroom doesn’t take hours or weeks. You can create a spic and span bedroom in an hour with these 10 quick bedroom cleaning tips. 

1. Make your bed

Making your bed after you rise in the morning is already a productivity boost for some people. A clean bed means you’ve ticked off one to-do task for the day, motivating you to do more. Here’s how to clean the bed in five easy steps:

  • Remove everything. Make sure you start with an empty bed. Remove blankets and pillows on the bed. 
  • Put the fitted sheet on. Know the difference between a fitted and top sheet. The fitted sheet is the bedsheet with garters in the corners, so it holds onto the mattress. Pull every corner so it hugs the mattress snugly.
  • Lay the top sheet on a fitted sheet. The top sheet, on the other hand, goes on top of the fitted sheet. It’s a material with a large gem at the top edge. Lay it out evenly and stuff the extra sheet under the mattress. 
  • Place duvet or comforter. Next is to place your duvet or comforter on the top sheet. Make sure to smoothen it so it looks nice. 
  • Add the pillows. Add your pillows and fluff them so they look fuller.

2. Declutter dressers and nightstands 


Clutter does more harm than good in your bedroom. Finding a particular item is hard when you have too much stuff on your dresser and nightstand. Plus, clutter hampers productivity and raises stress and anxiety levels.

Use the 20/20 rule in declutter, which means letting go of items that you can replace for less than $20 and in less than 20 minutes. Start with your dresser by removing all things in its drawers. You may also remove the dresser drawers if you have to. Do the same with your nightstand and any bedroom furniture storage you have.

3. Dust and wipe surfaces clean

Clean your furniture surfaces, lighting fixtures, and all other surfaces in your bedroom. Ensure you’re protecting your furniture using a microfiber cloth to collect dust particles. You may also use a long duster to clean every hard-to-reach area thoroughly. 

Wipe all surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes or cloth soaked in alcohol. Clean tabletops, furniture legs, dresser, and nightstand facade areas. Also, wipe any surface of your computer, television, hanging art, picture frames, charging stations, etc. 

4. Vacuum floors and carpets


Dust accumulates on bedroom floors and carpets. That said, it’s recommended to vacuum twice a week to ensure you’re not stepping on dust or inhaling them in your bedroom. Install the right vacuum head to its base, and start vacuuming the floors and carpets. 

Moving slowly from one end to another is essential so dirt doesn’t fly off. Slowly pushing the vacuum and pulling it back gives the suction enough time to lift the dirt or pet hair stick on fibers and floorboards. 

Pro Tip: Use smart vacuum cleaner to keep your home spick and span effortlessly.

5. Organize your closet

Closet organization is one of the most apparent bedroom cleaning tips that some homeowners neglect. A haphazard closet takes up too much of your time when looking for that nice red flannel shirt to wear to a birthday party. Make sure to start with a clean slate by removing everything. 

Remember, organizing your closet depends on your lifestyle, space, and closet size. Donating or selling things you no longer use is advised if you have a small closet. On the other hand, proper organization can mean categorizing clothes by color, type, or use. You may also use more storage essentials like a catch-all basket or fold and stack items systematically. 

6. Clean windows and mirrors


Streaks on mirrors and glass windows aren’t lovely to look at. It also blurs the reflection or view, not providing 100 percent visibility. Ensure you clean your mirrors and glass windows with a lint-free cloth to prevent marks from accumulating. 

Here are a few tips on how to clean mirrors and glass window streaks:

  • Go the traditional way by using water instead of cleaning products laden with chemicals. 
  • Use a microfiber cloth to ensure you’re not damaging or scratching the surfaces.
  • Clean window sills before the glass windows first by wiping them with a microfiber cloth. 
  • Clean them thoroughly by spritzing one side of the folded cloth and wiping the edges. Repeat until every corner is dust- and mark-free. 

7. Wipe bedroom walls

When cleaning bedroom walls, it’s vital to know the type of paint and paint finish to know what cleaning method to use. Knowing proper bedroom cleaning hacks will help protect your walls from damage. Wall paint could be oil-based, water-based, or latex. The finishes could also be matte, high gloss, or eggshell. 

For instance, cleaning latex-painted walls involves these steps:

  • Remove dust by using a vacuum to remove cobwebs.
  • Mix a teaspoon of all-purpose cleaner in a quart of warm water, and prepare a bucket of clean water. 
  • Dip a microfiber cloth or sponge in the solution, wring it, and clean the walls using a circular motion. Start at the top and work in small sections.
  • Dip a second clean sponge in the clean water, wring it, and rinse any soap residue. 

Pro Tip: Clean bedroom walls once or twice a month. 

8. Throw out trash 

It could be easy to accumulate small pieces of trash in certain areas, like your work table or dresser tabletop. For instance, those small pieces of crumpled paper on your writing table are probably hindering your productivity subconsciously. Or how about those tissue papers you always forget to throw in the trash bin? 

Throwing out the trash and clearing tables and surfaces of trash is a step towards a cleaner and more comfortable bedroom. 

Pro Tip: Always keep a trash bin in the bedroom so that it’s easier for you to dispose of garbage.

9. Keep your bedroom smelling fresh


A fragrant bedroom is one you’re excited to come home to after a long day. Imagine coming home to a room that smells putrid due to dampness or mildew. Make sure you air out your rugs and keep your dirty laundry out. Pets, leftover food, dust, and stagnant air could also be the culprits of a stinky bedroom. 

Here are some tips on how to make your bedroom smell nice:

  • Keep proper ventilation by opening windows
  • Use essential oils
  • Display fragrant plants
  • Wash your sheets regularly
  • Use an air humidifier
  • Use scented candles and diffusers

10. Do a final sweep

Once you’ve wiped the walls, cleaned the surfaces, and organized storage, it’s time to do one final sweep to remove those hard headed dust. Sweeping every day is still one of the most effective bedroom cleaning tips. 

Make it a habit to sweep your bedroom floor daily to prevent pet hair, dust, and food particles from accumulating. 

Final Thoughts

Create a bedroom cleaning checklist with these 10 simple techniques to make cleaning fun and easy. Once you establish a bedroom cleaning routine, maintaining a spotless room will be a walk in the park. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a clean, functional, and comfortable sleeping haven every day. 

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