10 Basic Tools of Painting & Decorating as a Professional

Are you thinking of starting a profession like painting or decorating? How to be a professional on that profession? If you already had some training skills or practical experience on this profession then you need to know the basic materials and tools of this profession to start a professional career without facing any major difficulties. In your practical field you need to escape errors or mistakes so that any kind of bad impression cannot harm on your career. Besides you have to achieve some technical shortcuts or professional techniques that can make a positive impression on your career. As a painter and decorator you have to choose a professional style according to your skills. Mainly a painter or decorator performs many works such as paint, wallpapers, specific coatings to the wall, ceiling or floor, varnishes and so on. There are some basic tools which are needed to gather to start a practical practice.

Decorator Edges: This tool is used to sharp and straight the incomplete edges. There is a scale attached with it which can be varied in different sizes. It is an essential tool for the treatment of sharping any edges easily. You can grab one of you suitable sizes according to your profession style.

Dust Sheet: There are different types of dust sheets in the market such as furniture dust sheet, room dust sheet, cotton dust sheet, polythene dust sheet etc. Different type of dust sheet has a different type of advantage according to needs. So you have to select the suitable dust sheet which can be used to cover your customer’s materials and keep them dust free.

Extension Pole: There are many sizes of extension tools around the shop. It can help to make your job handier. So don’t forget to grab this cheap tool.


Painting Bucket: This is a common tool of other works as well. But you can get a two gallon of bucket which can help you to compute your costs of paintings easily.

Ladders: As a painter and decorator you must need a ladder with you always. It is one of the most essential tools of this profession. There are many types of ladder according to their different types of service ability. There are step ladder, a-frame ladder, basic extension ladder, attic ladder, multipurpose ladder etc.

Painting Rollers: You can apply this tool to paint the large areas of the wall as quickly as possible. It also has some different sizes. So you need to choose any two of different sizes of them that can save your whole day. Painting brush was used before painting roller is discovered. So it is a quick way to cover the paint on large surfaces economically.


Metal Roller tray: You have to buy it according to the size of your painting rollers so that the metal roller tray can accommodate the painting rollers. It is another way of saving the time as painting roller. It is better to get metal tray instead of plastic tray.

Painting Brush: There are many kind of painting synthetic brush sets in the market. According to the sizes of brushes you can grab thee of them to finish you different types of painting jobs. Four to six inch one for large flat areas, three to two inch one for door or window edges and one inch for cutting edges.

Five in one Tool: It is one of the most vital elements of painting and decorating.  It has various kinds of uses. It can be used as a knife, like a screwdriver, as a scraper, as a cutter, and as filler. That’s why it is called five in one tool.


Caulking Gun: Caulking gun is usually used to seal up the gaps and cracks in any materials of the home. Caulk is often fabricated from silicone or latex and is employed to bond a good range of materials like metal, glass, wood, and ceramic.

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