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Why Replacing Glass with Plastic is the Way Forward

Why Replacing Glass with Plastic is the Way Forward

It is likely you have probably looked at thousands of mirrors in your lifetime. In bathrooms, fitting rooms, display cases, perhaps even when used as artwork. But you probably never gave a second thought to what it was made from, right? Surprise! While many people would assume glass, you may be stunned to learn that more and more mirrors of all styles and sizes are now made from high-quality acrylic.

The way forward

Thanks to advanced manufacturing, today’s acrylic sheets – used for mirrors and other products including furniture, toys, and displays for computers, cell phones, and other electronics – are durable, cost-effective, and lighter than traditional glass. These factors make acrylic and attractive alternative to glass, but there are other benefits to consider.

This mirror panel is made from high-quality acrylic that can be used to replace old, worn out, or cracked glass mirrors which may be a health hazard.


To demonstrate the durability of the typical acrylic mirror, try this. Take your hand and press it, once, then twice. What happens? You will notice a slight amount of flexibility, which you will never see in the glass. Acrylic is strong and resists minor impacts or pressure. It is an ideal solution which may be installed in schools, factories, or prisons or locations where safety is your first concern.

Less expensive

Acrylic mirrors are more cost efficient than glass because they will not crack or break as often or as easily. Thus, they are a low-cost product to buy and use, and easier to maintain over time. Glass mirrors may require special chemicals or be scouring pads to clean, but our acrylic mirrors can be cleaned using warm water, a soft cloth, and a small amount of dishwashing liquid, soap, or another household cleanser. Rinse the surface with fresh water and a clean cloth, then dry – and you are finished. Small scratches or imperfections can often be removed or minimized using polishing paste and a buffing wheel.

Not as heavy

Besides flexibility and shatter resistance, acrylic mirror panels are lightweight and can sometimes be installed by one person. In many cases, they are half the weight of a glass mirror of comparable size and thickness. Acrylic mirrors can be mounted almost anywhere on a flat surface using screws or an adhesive – no need for drilling, pounding, or using heavy-duty anchors to mount it securely.

Replacing Glass with Plastic

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