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Plumbing is one of the conveniences of the modern age. This system enables unhindered water supply and waste water drainage, and any malfunction can cause inconvenience. So you must react on time and fix these failures as soon as possible.

You might be tempted to do DIY plumbing, which can be a solution in some situations (as seen here). But there are times when your DIY skills simply aren’t enough. So it’s always good to have the number of a reputable plumber in Lexington, SC, on hand.

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Clogged Drains

Drain blockages happen for a variety of reasons. Although it is foreseen that water and solids (hair, soapy water, grease, etc.) pass through plumbing pipes, this can eventually cause a problem. These matters can accumulate over time and completely block the passage of water in kitchen or bathroom sinks, bathtubs, shower cabins, etc.

Clogged drains are a frequent but easily solvable nuisance. Very often, you don’t need professional help for it. However, if the same issue occurs again even after you unclog the drain, it means there’s a bigger problem deeper inside the system. So you should leave the solution to plumbing experts because they have the necessary knowledge, skills, and appropriate tools to handle different types of drain clogs.

All Types of Leaks

Leaks come in different forms and sizes. Although some may start as light dripping, they can quickly turn into a major drench that can cause significant damage and flooding in your home. That’s why every type of leak requires professional handling and emergency action.

Dripping faucets, leaky shower heads, weak pressure, moist spots in your kitchen or bathroom—all these can indicate the existence of hidden leaks or problems within the plumbing system that require immediate intervention. Calling professionals in these situations is a lifesaver. They perform these repairs every day and have enough practice to do the job efficiently and quickly.

Water Heater Problems

Whatever the problem with your water heater, the solution is always the same: call a professional plumber. These fixtures are connected to the plumbing network, electrical wiring, and gas supply, which means there is a lot of risk if they’re managed unprofessionally. Besides, these appliances are quite complex and heavy and require expert handling.

Professional plumbers from sos-plumbing-and-drain-com, in addition to having experience fixing and installing water heaters, know safety procedures and techniques for performing work safely and minimizing any risk. They have professional tools and protective equipment for unforeseen situations, such as short circuits or voltage changes.

As you probably have neither of these, you should not take any risks and leave the installation or heater repair work to seasoned plumbers.

Sewer Line Stoppage

Sewerage is a system that drains wastewater and solids from your household. Blockages and problems with these pipelines can also occur. It can lead to wastewater spillage, the spreading of unpleasant odors throughout your house, contamination, pest infestation, mold growth, etc.

The problem with sewage can be inside the pipeline in your home, but also on the main system. Roots can cause problems in ground lines; solid matter can block drains; pipes can freeze, rot, or sag, etc. Whatever the cause of the sewage problem, it has to be diagnosed and solved by professionals.

As you can face plumbing failures when you least hope, it’s always good to have a reliable expert to rely on. Nothing can beat the expertise and experience of professional plumbers in Lexington, SC, and you can call them whenever you need a hand with plumbing issues of all types and scopes.

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