What Size Mattress Do You Need?

Many people complain of back or middle pain. Fortunately, if you count yourself among them, you can take steps to prevent back pain and improve your position during sleep. One of these measures is choosing the right mattress.

For couples

Most couples choose mattress sizes 160 × 200 cm or 180 × 200 cm. With mattresses of these sizes, most couples have enough space for a comfortable and restful sleep without entering each other’s field. Especially if your partner often moves while sleeping, it is better to choose a waterproof mattress protector double. Then we recommend a mattress size of at least 180 × 200 cm.
For couples

Do you like to sleep a little more curled up and more intimate? So, a mattress of 140 × 200 cm may be a good option. Often, the bedroom is not large enough to have a wider mattress.

What happens if your child or dog likes to sleep with you at night? Then, you should choose a larger mattress model of 180 × 200 cm or 200 × 200 cm.

What if you or your partners are a little bigger? Then you should buy a slightly longer mattress. In general, the mattress should be at least 20 cm longer than the body size. If you or your partner is about 190 cm tall, you should buy a mattress at least 210 cm in length. Therefore, before buying a new memory foam mattress queen size, you should measure what size mattress fits in your room

For singles

For singles
Most singles choose a mattress of at least 100 × 200 cm. So this size is a bit narrow when you sleep with a couple on a mattress. To the extent that space allows, we recommend singles with a mattress size of 140 × 200 cm or 160 × 200 cm. The mattresses 140 × 200 cm and 160 × 200 cm are suitable for people and couples. If the space in the apartment is a bit short, you can choose a mattress size of 100 × 200 cm or 120 × 200 cm.

For teenagers and children, a smaller size, such as a 90 × 200 cm or 80 × 200 cm mattress, may be sufficient. It is especially a good option if there are not enough bed sizes in cm in the bedroom for a wider mattress.

Are you a little taller, at least 1.90 m? Then you should think of a mattress with an excessive length, then 210 cm or 220 cm. Nothing is more annoying than when your feet hang over the edge of the bed at night!

For children and babies

For children and babies
The mattresses for children and babies are significantly smaller, with 60 × 120 cm or 70 × 140 cm. Children sleep longer than adults and enjoy jumping on the mattress. That should be able to withstand a good mattress for children. An important factor in the selection is also that the mattress for babies or children was manufactured without contaminants. Then you should pay attention to the purchase of the mattress, not only for you but especially for your child.

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