What Are The Right Exterior Window Shutters For Your Home?

Exterior window shutters have come a long way. They were there even before glass window panes were invented and were mainly used to protect windows from the elements, uphold privacy, and regulate daylight.

Today, however, exterior shutters also play a significantrole in enhancing the charm of your home’s façade. They have become more of a decorative feature for your home’s exterior than a protective feature for your window’s opening.

However, there’s a wide selection of window shutters available on the market, and it can be hard to choose the right ones for your home. So, we present you some valuable tips to choose the most suitable exterior shutters.

Find the Right Size and Style of Shutters

Right Exterior Window Shutters

Choosing the right size of shutters for your windows is important. You want the shutters to cover the windows and radiate the appearance of actually beingused even if they aren’t functional. Be sure the rails align with lock rail, transom, mounting, and other architectural features of the window.

If your windows are too wide for a single pair of shutters, consider choosing bi-fold shutters. The beauty of bi-fold shutters, especially the ones made from cedar boards, is that they are strong and radiate a charming western look.

Consider the Climate of Your Area

Consider the Climate of Your Area
We’ve seen that shutters serve to not only decorate your home but also protect your window against elements and to control air flow. So, you need to choose shutters that are designed to withstand the weather in your locality.

Louvered shutters can perform well in many climates. If you live in an area with a warm and humid tropical climate, however, the Bermuda or Bahama shutter would be an ideal choice for you. These shutters do a great job in controlling airflow and shielding the window for excess sunlight.

Conversely, paneled shutters would be a great choice if you live with a cold climate and harsher weather. These shutters are studier and can protect the window from the elements more effectively. If you prefer a more rustic look, however, you can go for the board and batten shutter design and still enjoy the same benefits you would expect from paneled shutters.

Choose the Material for Your Needs

Choose the Material for Your Needs
Window shutters come in a wide selection of materials, including wood and composite materials like high-density structural PVC and pultruded fiberglass. However, many homeowners seem to prefer wood, thanks to its authentic look. Types of woods that are normally used for making shutters include cypress, cedar, and African mahogany as they are resistant to decay.

If you prefer material that is less demanding in terms of maintenance, however, composite materials would be a perfect choice for you.


Window shutters are a versatile feature that not only protect the windows from the elements but also play a great role in enhancing the look and feel of your home. However, the kind of shutters you choose can make or break your home’s curb appeal. So, be sure to choose the right shuttersin terms of style, size, material, and the climate of your area.

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