Want a Stress-Free Moving Experience? Here’s How to Prepare

Moving can be a very complicated and stressful experience. You have already passed the initial days of excitement knowing that a new home awaits you and you start stressing about every little detail of the moving day.

The only thought of how many things you must do before that big day is enough to make you feel like panicking. There is a lot of work to be done such as packing, moving boxes, and change over your utilities to your new home. However, there are a lot of things that you can do to make the moving experience less stressful and a lot more tolerable. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you have a more efficient and stress-free move:

Start by creating a checklist

It may sound like common sense, but many people forget about the importance of planning and organization when moving to a new house. Getting organized is the first step into creating a less stressful moving experience for you and your family. Having a list of all the things you must do, pack, and take care before the moving day will help you stay organized and remember all the important things you must do.

Declutter before you start packing

One of the best things you could do to make your move less stressful is to reconsider what you are going to pack. It may seem obvious that all your stuff needs to go with you to your new home. But does it? You need to consider that once you will move to a new home, chances are that you will want to invest more in the way you redecorate it. A new home comes with a breath of fresh air and most of the old things you have don’t really suit in this scenario.
Declutter before you start packing

Before you start packing, you should consider decluttering and only choose the things you really imagine in your new home environment. The stuff you decide that you won’t take with you can be thrown away, donated, or sold in a garage sale for some extra money. Decluttering before you start packing will certainly make things easier for you as you will have less to pack and fewer boxes to move. Plus, your new home environment will have a fresh look.

Label as much as possible

Labeling the boxes is a lifesaving tip when you are moving to a new home. Once you begin to unpack, things are going to be a lot easier because you will know for sure what is in the boxes and what room they will go into.

You should consider labeling the boxes by rooms. For example, the box containing all kitchen utensils and accessories should be labeled with “Kitchen”. This way, you can simply take the box to your new kitchen right from the beginning.

Labeling the boxes is also very important if you are transporting fragile items that can easily break or get damaged. Whether you move the boxes or you hire professional movers to help you, it is vital to know what the boxes contain to avoid damaging your personal belongings.

Another important packing tip that you should keep in mind is to avoid overpacking a moving box. Many people tend to pack too many things in just a few cardboard boxes thinking that it would be easier for them to transport all their things to the new house. However, more packed boxes that are easy-to-lift loads are a lot easier to transport than a few heavy ones.

Prepare an overnight bag

Chances are that by the time you finish moving all boxes and stuff to your new home, you will be too tired to unpack your things. Thus, it is always a good idea to have a bag of essentials and things that you are going to need until you unpack. Consider that you may have to go to work the next day and can’t get ready because you don’t know where all your stuff is packed. Being prepared for the night of the move and the next day will help you stress a little less and unpack your things when you are available.

Consider the pros of hiring professional movers

When moving to a new home, everybody starts wondering whether they should hire professional movers or they can handle the move by themselves. The answer depends on your personal preferences and factors such as time, money, and the number of boxes you need to move.

If you are moving to the house next door, you may be able to handle the move by yourself. However, if you are moving to the other part of the city or remote abroad, you should certainly consider hiring professional movers. The specialists from Hudson Movers recommend choosing your movers based on their reputation. Experience and a good track record are important to show their ability to be dependable and reliable movers.

Hiring professional movers can play a huge role in helping you stress less on the moving day. You will know that your things will be transported and handled by professionals who have the necessary experience to prevent any loss or damage. Moreover, you won’t have to rent a moving truck as the movers will take care of this aspect as well.

Create a plan for the moving day

Create a plan for the moving day
Planning and organizing the moving day are the keys to having a less stressful moving experience. If you know exactly how the move should carry out, you can stick to the plan and avoid any disruption on that day.

Consider “what if” scenarios

No matter how well you have organized and planned your moving day, unexpected things can still happen.

You have planned every single detail of this day but things that are out of your control can still happen. For example, what if you thought you can handle the move yourself but realize that all the work is too overwhelming? It is a good idea to have a list of professional movers that you can call in case you need help.

Moving is a very stressful task that you can undertake. However, if you start planning everything early ahead the moving day, pack your things smart, and hire professional movers to help you, your moving experience will be a lot more efficient and less stressful.

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