Top 10 Real Estate Photo Editing Tips for Amateurs

With property sales booming and photography services being super-competitive, the level of your skill determines whether you will be able to find employment. The real estate photo editing tips below are aimed at teaching you to produce a consistent stream of high-level images under any shooting circumstances.

1. Correct the Distortion


This is one of those real estate photo tips that are going to make a huge difference in your photo production. Quite often, lenses cause the numerous straight lines of an interior to bend and deviate, thus deforming the space. Some lenses curve lines, others bend them.

Barrel distortion causes the vertical lines to curve outward in the center of the frame

Perspective distortion causes the lines to lean toward the center at an unnatural angle. This one is actually easy to correct while you edit real estate photos in Photoshop so keep an eye open for distortions and never leave them uncorrected.

2. Use Presets


This effortless step will actually serve you twice by saving the processing time and giving consistency to the images. You can get this Free Real Estate Lightroom Presets Bundle and start incorporating it into the workflow.

With these presets,\ you are sure to get well-balanced color correction because they are designed by professionals. They are categorized into indoor and outdoor effects that count all the peculiarities of an environment in.

3. Adjust the White Balance


Cameras often can’t estimate the amount of white in a color correctly so a photo can look more yellow or blue than the real objects do. It is very easy to tweak the white balance to set things right. However, keep in mind that the perception of color is not only subjective but also influenced by the device so don’t exaggerate.

The main rule of real estate photo editing is to keep things as close to reality as possible. See if you can obtain that with an Eyedropper tool, by tweaking the temperature or tint, or using the automated feature.

4. Address Photo Retouching Services


It is important to learn how to delegate some work to real estate image editing services. Professionals do it constantly because they value their time much more than the money such a service would cost. Professionals know how to make a piece of property appealing to potential customers.

5. Remove Unnecessary Objects


You should make no changes to the property itself but the unnecessary objects left by the previous tenants or workers are better wiped off. This can be done in Photoshop or Lightroom with ease, the clone stamp or spot removal tools being the most efficient. The latter is good for small flecks of dust and other small things spoiling the frame.

The clone tool can take much more off the shot, from an accidental lens glare to some physical items that don’t belong. You can erase any gardening or building equipment, garbage bins and other aesthetically offensive things as long as they are not parts of the place. Fences, hydrants, poles and other permanent structures must not be removed.

6. Retouch the Lawn


The rules of real estate photography editing do not prohibit some enhancing, especially if it concerns greenery. If the lawn of the place is unkempt, you can patch it up with the clone tool, and if there is no lawn, make sure to insert it.

This little issue is often ignored but greenery around a house makes a huge difference in its appearance. You can even go as far as add some flowerbeds and tees. A photo like that will surely be more appealing to potential customers.

7. Don’t Apply Special Effects


Since photography is a form of art the use of creative effects comes naturally to any photographer but you should put it off to your other projects. When editing images of the property, you are allowed and even encouraged to do some color correction but no pretty effects like sepia or matte are tolerated.

8. Replace the Sky


People react to the atmosphere in the photo a lot so gray skies can make even a very good house look unappealing and cold. There sure is no problem in replacing the sky and slightly tweaking the colors of the shot to make it look more welcoming with the sun out. And this extra effort will pay you back well.

9. Batch Edit


The one thing that really is important with real estate photo editing is to deliver high-quality images. This can be achieved if you use the batch editing feature in Lightroom and work on a pack of images with similar lighting and exposure.

For instance, you could take all the images from one property and enhance them simultaneously in a few clicks, thus saving yourself several minutes of work with no decrease in quality.

10. Try HDR

Flowers and trees in the garden of white house with windows duri

If you want to offer more to bring in additional clients, learn to shoot in HDR. For that, you need to take several pictures of the same spot with different shutter speeds to get the lights and shadows well.

Then you can merge these images and bring out the details that are typically lost either in the deep shadow or in the strong light. Such pictures are valued more because they are similar to the ones we see with our eyes, and a regular camera setting falls far from that.

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