Tips to Keep Yourself Away from Dangerous Pests

In whatever season or situation you’re in, you would want to avoid having problems with pests. Not only do they ruin picnic plans and house comfort, but coming in contact and being bit by these insects may also cause serious health problems.

Keep yourself and your home safe and away from dangerous pests with the following tips.

Be Aware

It’s important to always be aware of what goes on around you. If you’re outside and having a picnic gathering, insects may swarm around your table or wherever there is food, so find proper containers for your meals. They are also attracted to exposed garbage, so make sure to keep them all covered to avoid encounters.

Additionally, when you’re cleaning and doing activities around your house, keep an eye out for possible places where hives and nests could be located, and be cautious. They aren’t easy to spot, and you don’t want to accidentally be hitting a nest with your gardening tools.

Prepare and Protect Yourself

Close up of mosquito sucking blood

Going out means more risks of encountering pests. If possible, avoid going out at times when pests are most active like during dawn and dusk for mosquitoes. Additionally, you want to avoid areas with heavy vegetation as these are nesting grounds for pests. Stay in center trails, and for additional protection, make sure to wear closed-toe shoes and long pants.

You also want to avoid wearing dark-colored clothing and floral prints and excessive use of sweet-smelling perfumes or colognes as these attract stinging and biting insects. Use insect repellent or bug spray on skin or clothing for additional safety.

Protect and Maintain your Home

You want to make sure that your home is not inviting pests. Your first order of business is to make sure that they cannot find an entry to your home. Seal any cracks and gaps where they may squeeze through. If you haven’t yet, install screens on your doors and windows for an additional line of defense. Check your old ones for holes and gaps and repair when needed. Damaged and untreated wood is also inviting for pests such as termites, so make sure to varnish, seal, or paint any part of your house that is made of wood.

Keeping your house clean also is imperative in keeping pests away. Areas like the kitchen and the dining room should always be kept clean, food should immediately be put away, and trash should frequently be disposed of. Also, make sure to store garbage properly and to keep it tightly covered to avoid attracting pests.
Protect and Maintain your Home
Regular inspection of your garden and around the perimeter of your house for nests and possible breeding grounds is also needed. Avoid overgrowth on your yard as these are perfect nesting grounds for pests. Trim grasses, bushes, and trees on or around your property, and get rid of weeds and debris. If you have wood lying around, make sure to use or get rid of them immediately.

Stagnant water is also a breeding ground and an invitation for mosquitoes. Inspect your property for areas and items that could collect water. If you have a birdbath, you may install a fountain or a dripper. You want to minimize any chance of having stagnant water to avoid giving mosquitoes a place to breed.

While looking for these possible nesting grounds, you might find webs and egg sacks that you want to get rid of. Inspect them first. If you think you’re dealing with banana or golden silk spiders, you might want to keep them around. They are harmless and are even advantageous for your garden as they catch and eat unwanted pests.

Remain Calm

Remain Calm
If you happen to encounter a dangerous pest like a stinging insect, do your best to remain calm. You may want to swat it away as a first reaction but don’t. This only invites an aggressive reaction from the insect. Don’t make sudden movements and walk slowly away from it. It should leave you alone. If you’re stung, remove the stinger carefully and seek immediate medical attention. Do not attempt to remove a nest by yourself if you find one.

Contact a Professional

Prevention is the best way to reduce the chances of encountering pests. Contact your local pest professional to help you create an effective pest protection plan for your house. They can also assist you in treating and controlling pest problems if you happen to find any nests. They are well-equipped to deal with them.


You can only do so much prevention on your own. When in doubt, hire a pest control professional to help you treat and protect your home. Nonetheless, with these tips, you are sure to enjoy a more pest-free environment.

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