The Top Fashion Trends for 2022 That Every Fashionista Should Know!

The end of 2021 is creeping in faster than we think. We are already looking forward to the New Year and all the exciting fashion trends for 2022 that await us! Because, as they say: New season, new luck and new outfits. The only requirement for this: Open eyes and some wardrobe space, of course. The Fashion Weeks may be over, but the looks that were presented stay in our memories. After all the months that we have spent at home, the collections for spring / summer 2022 provide a breath of fresh air. While some classics, such as the bouclé jacketare still preserved, there are many exciting pieces that invite you to experiment. Okay, enough talk! Take a look into the future with us and find out here which items of clothing you should definitely invest in!

Fashion trends 2022: the corset is back

Whether over dresses, shirts or blazers – the corset is back and is definitely one of the coolest fashion trends for 2022. Numerous fashion designers such as Prada, Miu Miu and Givenchy have been inspired by the Victorian era for their spring collections and thus by the Classic brought back to life. And no, we’re not talking about real corsets or lingerie. Today’s models enchant us with a structured and elegant shape and are absolutely suitable for everyday use. Moreover, Cartier sunglasses are going to be the new trend of 2022. People in the United States prefer Cartier glasses during summers and springs, check out more details here,

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The corset is ideally suited to optimally emphasize and stage our feminine silhouette. The street style stars have already fallen for the fashion trend and show us how easy it is to combine a corset. Whether over shirts, dresses or in the form of a chic belt – the classic always works and transforms even the simplest outfit into a real eye-catcher. Since corsets are naturally a bit tight, they are the perfect companion to airy skirts and oversized shirts.

Are you tired of your dark winter clothes? Color blocking is back and literally making our outfits shine. The basic rules are actually pretty simple. We choose accessories and clothes in contrasting colors and combine them to create a colorful look. Whether neon pink, purple, green, blue or orange – there are absolutely no limits to your creativity. The fashion trend for 2022 is a real eye-catcher and requires a little courage, especially from newbies. But it is precisely in these exciting color combinations that all the charm lies and once you have dared, you are guaranteed not to regret it.

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Bright neon colors are not for you? Don’t worry – the color blocking trend also works with muted tones such as pastel blue, orange, beige or even black. For an elegant business outfit, it is best to concentrate on a color family and, for example, wear pants and a blazer in different shades of red. And if you want to slowly approach the bold look, you can first choose two colors, one of which is a little more neutral and reserved than the other.

Psychedelic Prints Are in Trend

Color, color and even more color – this is the best way to describe the fashion trends for 2022. The catwalks during the Fashion Weeks are clear proof that the rule of neutral and calm colors is coming to an end for spring. One of the most popular looks? The colorful psychedelic prints! The graphic patterns were a total hit back in the 60s and 70s and are making a big comeback for the coming season. The colorful pieces and striking contrasts bring an extra dose of freshness to our outfits and always put you in a good mood.

Fringes are definitely one of the fashion trends for 2022

What do we love about the new fashion trends for 2022? The playful details, of course! Above all, fringes will be totally hip again in the coming months and will be with us in spring and summer. Whether on a coat, a fringed skirt or a fringed jacket – the catwalks have been populated by the extremely cool fringe looks for many designers and provide us with a lot of cool outfit inspirations. If you want to slowly approach the fashion trend, you should definitely invest in a chic handbag with fringes.

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Fringed skirts provide that extra momentum and a dose of elegance. The trendy pieces are guaranteed to have a wow factor and can also be worn wonderfully for any occasion. Or how about an elegant fringed dress for the Christmas party? Add elegant high heels, matching accessories and you have an outfit that is guaranteed to attract attention.

Low waist jeans are making a comeback

High waist jeans may have dominated our wardrobes for over a decade, but this is about to change in the coming season. The low waist jeans from the 90s are back and are undoubtedly one of the fashion trends for 2022. Can you still remember the cool outfits by Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Co.? Well, that’s exactly how we wear the hipsters in spring 2022. Fashion designers like Alexander McQueen and Tommy Hilfiger have brought the trend back and models and influencers have already adopted the look.

Whether in a casual boyfriend cut or as skinny jeans – the hipsters can be found in all imaginable variations and can be easily integrated into our outfits. For the ultimate retro look, you can wear the low waist jeans like 20 years ago with crop tops and short leather jackets. You can also make it a little more subtle, with blouses and sweaters that you easily tuck into your waistband.

Y2K fashion trend 2022

Please what? You can’t do anything with the term Y2K? To better understand what’s behind the 2022 fashion trend, just take a look back at the outfits from the 2000s. In fashion everything comes back at some point, albeit with a small upgrade. So, after the comeback of low waist jeans, it’s no surprise that more retro looks are moving into our wardrobes. Some will call style a fashion sin, but everything our favorite stars wore in 2000 is part of the Y2K fashion trend. Think micro-mini skirts, crop tops, fluffy jogging suits, etc. Or in other words – what you wore as a teenager will be totally in vogue again in spring 2022.

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