Stop Birds Damaging Your Property

Whether you own a residential home or a commercial building, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect your asset and maintain its value. One of the most important things you can do to prevent damage occurring is to ensure the structure is kept free from pests.

When you’re addressing pest control problems, you probably think of mice, rats, bugs and squirrels. However, birds are capable of causing extensive damage to any type of building.

In addition to this, the health hazards associated with birds and their droppings means that eradicating birds from your estate should be a top priority.

If you’re eager to protect your property and you want to stop pests from causing damage, nesting or getting inside, take a look at these effective bird control measures now:

1. Anti-Bird Spike Systems

Anti-bird spikes are installed on buildings to prevent birds from roosting or nesting on them. Although the spikes don’t cause any harm, they do stop birds from having somewhere to land. As birds frequently roost on window ledges or above doors, this is where you’ll see anti-bird spikes most often.
Anti-Bird Spike Systems

Anti-bird spike systems are a popular form of bird control, particularly as they’re easy to install and can be used temporarily or permanently. However, it’s important to ensure that your bird control systems are installed by professionals. When you use experts, such as Apex Bird Control, you can ensure that the whole building is assessed to determine where the most vulnerable areas. In addition to this, you can get bespoke advice regarding the most effective bird control measures.

2. Anti-Bird Netting

Anti-bird netting acts as a barrier to birds and prevents them from gaining access to a particular area. As netting can be used in both large and small areas, it’s perfect for buildings with flat roofs, external walkways or courtyards.

While anti-bird netting is extremely strong and durable, it doesn’t cause any harm to birds. It simply prevents them from accessing your premises. Furthermore, anti-bird netting is rust and weatherproof, so you can be confident that it will provide a long-term solution to pest problems.

If you’re worried about the visual impact of bird control systems, there’s no need to be. Anti-bird netting is available in an array of colours, including clear and bespoke mixes. This ensures it’s practically invisible once in situ and won’t detract from the aesthetic of the building.

3. Anti-Bird Mesh

When you need bird control measures for awkward or hard to access areas, anti-bird mesh could be exactly what you’re looking for. As it can be cut to size, it’s easy to ensure that the mesh provides an effective barrier in any environment. Additionally, the mesh can be fixed to a variety of materials, including brick, concrete and stone.

If you need a permanent bird control system, anti-bird mesh can be fixed in place, so you won’t need to modify or replace it on a regular basis. Alternatively, clamps can be used if you want to be able to remove the mesh and use it sporadically or temporarily.

4. Bird Scaring or Hawking

Another environmentally friendly bird control option is scaring or hawking. As the name suggests, this involves scaring birds in order to dissuade them from nesting or roosting on or around your building. Various methods can be used to achieve but they are all non-harmful and eco-friendly.
Bird Scaring or Hawking
Experienced pest control experts will assess the site in order to determine what species of birds are most common. A control strategy will then be devised to ensure the most effective scaring method for that species is used. In some cases, pyrotechnics and bio acoustics are the most viable options, whereas other sites may benefit from Bird of Prey flights. By triggering the birds natural response to a potential threat, bird scaring and hawking are effective ways to prevent birds from nesting in a particular area and causing damage to your property.

Choosing the Right Bird Control System

Before you decide what bird control system is best for you, it’s useful to contact the experts and seek advice. Your location and the type of property you own will have a major impact when it comes to finding the right bird control methods, so gaining expert advice can save you time and money, as well as ensuring you achieve the desired result.

With no need to resort to potential harmful methods of bird control, you can ensure that your property remains free from damage with natural and environmentally friendly bird control systems.

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