Selling a House With Mold

Does your house have mold? No doubt cleaning up mold can be a costly affair. If you are considering selling your home that has mold, then you need to think about the cost implications. Although a majority of mold are harmless, some types can have health implications which could result in bigger problems. The lawsuits that might follow you might see you pay thousands of dollars. The big question is, how you can get a reasonable price without necessarily bearing the risk of selling a house with mold. Let’s find out.

Sell the house as-is.

A house with mold will put off the prospective buyer at first instant. Most often, buyers will probably run away, and their reason is valid. Why should they pay more anyway when there are better deals out there?
Sell the house as-is.

However, worry less since there is a way out to such a predicament. You can sell the house as-is, and there must be full disclosure during the sale. You can do include it in the contract, and this will ensure you have no liabilities. It’s essential to engage a profession since most buyers of as-is are usually cash buyers. Mortgage lenders will unlikely lend to buyers buying a property with mold.

Spot any signs of mold

It’s essential to keep checking on your property to detect any sign of mold. Black things on the wall are an indication of mold, which may result in a bigger problem. It also means your house is not well ventilated and molds will grow in moist places. If a buyer notices mild, they might revoke the offer or negotiate at a lower price.

If in the process of selling, you notice mold, make full disclosure as this is a legal requirement. The best way is to take care of the issue by fixing or removing the molds before listing your property for sale. It may take time, and it may not be wise to keep your buyers waiting. Ideally, have a spot check and ensure you clean all the areas where you are likely to find molds. For instance, the bathroom and kitchen.

If you have water leakages, you need to fix it since molds are likely to be found in moist places. You can also engage professionals to do a thorough inspection of molds in your property. Most professionals will treat the house, and although it may take time, it will save you a lot.

If you suspect mold contamination, then you should act now. Treatment should follow after that as it can cause illnesses which will cost you more.

Value of your property

If you are planning on selling your house, it’s essential to do a thorough check for mold. Failure will cause your property value to decrease, and there are legal implications.
Value of your property

Cost of insurance

Mold in your home could raise the cost of insurance as most home insurance companies will not cover damage from molds. Their level of coverage will also depend on whether the mold is caused by an avoidable leakage, high humidity or flooding.

Home appraisers

A prospective buyer would probably come with a home appraiser to get the real cost of your property. This may be the case if the buyer is taking a mortgage from the bank. Appraisers might be concerned with the presence of molds, and the report they give could be detrimental to the value of your house.

Mold elimination

Property owners are now than ever aware of the risks posed by presence of molds. Molds are catastrophic and can lead to a decline in the value of your home. Mold elimination is mandatory when selling your house, no matter the cost.
Mold elimination
Getting rid of mold from your house is a two-way process. The first step usually involves eliminating the mold. Since molds are like plants, they will be killed by the use of a drug solution. This will effectively kill them. The next step involves preventing them from growing. The professionals will apply a protective solution on your walls or in areas where molds are likely to be found.


Selling a property that’s infested with molds is a severe issue which should not be taken lightly. The cost of doing repairs and lawsuits are likely if you don’t tackle the problem at hand. In the long-term, it will save you money and if you feel repairing is costly, then the as-is method is always a favorable solution.

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