RVing Through Florida: 5 Places You Must See

Florida is one of the most popular RV destinations because it has thousands of miles of shoreline, the weather is always nice, so it’s the perfect place to visit year-round. This State has it all. Florida has beautiful beaches, natural wonders, great food, and of course, many RV campgrounds.

Everglades National Park

Most people know Florida for its many natural parks, and the Everglades are at the top of the must-see list. The Everglades is a world heritage site and the largest area of subtropical forest and wilderness in the USA. It looks like a giant grassy swamp or river, but it’s beautiful. There are more than 1.5 million acres to explore, although we suggest you stick to the main attractions.
Everglades National Park

Here, you can see lots of endangered wildlife like crocodiles, panthers, and manatees. There are many trails to take, including the famous Wilderness waterways, which are 99 miles long. If you like hiking, you can climb to the top of the observation tower in Shark Valley.

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Key West

This is the ideal destination for beach lovers. At the Florida Keyes, you’ll encounter white sandy beaches, hot weather, and great cocktails. On this series of small islands, there are lots of places to visit. Although there are pristine beaches, Key West is a town, bustling with restaurants, shops, galleries, and tourist attractions. Ernest Hemingway once called this place home!

The Keyes is the place to take the family for outdoor beach sports, such as kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Also, kids can take a walk through the famous butterfly and conservatory.

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Disney World

There’s no doubt Disney World is the #1 family destination to visit in Florida. This is one huge entertainment complex. Any RV trip must-include a couple of days at this park the kids (and adults) are sure to love. The park is located in Orlando and boasts 27,000 acres. You can have fun in one of the four parks and two top-rated water parks and visit the popular Animal Kingdom.
Disney World
There are many rides, attractions, and activities suitable for people of all ages. Plus, you’ll get a chance to meet Mickey and all of your favorite Disney characters. The park is home to many great restaurants, so you’ll be sure to find tasty foods and desserts.

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Florida Caverns State Park

If you want to see something unique and enjoy nature, you have to visit the Florida caverns. It is the only cave in Florida open to the general public. It is a geological wonder, a place to see stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, and draperies. It’s also the best place to cool off and explore the coolest cave in Florida.

The caves are located in a park where you can also enjoy other activities such as biking, boating, horseriding, swimming, or even have a picnic on the grounds. If you are interested in learning more about geology, book a cave tour and discover all the natural beauty the caves can offer.

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Miami -South Beach

This is the top destination for city-lovers. It’s ideal for RVers who want to enjoy the bustling and vibrant nightlife of Miami. In the city, you’ll find great beaches, bars, nightclubs, top-rated restaurants, and lots of shops.
Miami -South Beach
For a warm dip in the water, visit the famous South Beach or Miami Beach. But be prepared, it’s going to bustling with people on the beaches of this vibrant city. At night, visit one of the many nightclubs and bars. During the day, visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, where you can take cool photos.

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As you can see, we’ve suggested destinations the whole family can enjoy. All of these must-visit places offer a range of sports, activities, and tourist destinations. From the wilderness of the Everglades to the city light of Miami, you’re sure to find a cool RV destination in Florida.

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