Important Things to Consider When DIYing a Fence

A fence has many purposes on a property. For a start, it helps in creating a form of privacy, especially from your neighbors. Besides that, it helps in ensuring that your pets don’t go astray. However, that’s not all. Having a fence prevents thieves from accessing your home unceremoniously, which in return makes you feel safe at all times. There is also the advantage of being able to tame strong winds and keep unwanted plants and other items from your neighbor off your property. In fact, putting up a fence is one of those projects that you can handle on your own and save money. Putting up your own fence will save you a great deal of money on hiring laborers which will allow you to use these funds on other bills. But just like other DIY projects, it’s possible for things to go south real fast when you don’t take time to understand what you are getting yourself into. Here is a list of important things that you must factor in to your plans before getting started with the installation of a fence:

1. Consider the Size of your Compound

The number of fencing materials is usually determined by the size of your property. The worst mistake you can make is to buy materials blindly. This is because you will either buy too little or too much, which results in wastage of money. To avoid such a mistake, it’s important you measure the dimensions of your compound in terms of width and length. By doing the math on dimensions, you will be able to determine how many poles and roles you will need. Keep in mind that the materials are sold on the basis of square foot.
Consider the Size of your Compound

2. Availability of Tools

Tools are a crucial element when erecting a fence. It’s actually impossible to construct a fence around your home without the right arsenal of tools. Since you will be working on the project alone, it’s important you invest in a post hole digger for sale. This is because the tool will make the most cumbersome job to become like a walk in the park. You will also need a tape measure, saw and nail driver. Although most people will advise you to rent these tools, it’s important you own them because you will still need to maintain the fence every few months.

3. Cost of Materials

When you want to put up a fence, it’s important you set a budget for the project. In fact, your choice of materials should be guided by what you can afford to buy. A wooden fence is much costly because it also adds a sense of beauty while at the same time confining your pets and enhancing security. A live fence on the other hand is cheap but more labor intensive. Besides that, the bushes take time to grow, meaning you have to attend them for many months.
Cost of Materials

4. It Takes Time

It’s difficult to finish constructing a fence in one day unless you have a small compound in your home. This is because you have to attend to other duties as usual and reserve fencing for days that you are not busy. The good thing is that you can get perfect workmanship by doing the project in phases. This means that you can handle one side of the fence at a time instead of leaving some parts incomplete. Besides that, you have to mark the boundaries of your property to ensure you don’t encroach on your neighbor’s compound. If you are not sure about the boundary markings, you should consider consulting a land surveyor to avoid the trouble of having to demolish the fence after you are done.

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