How to Nail Your Next Internal Sales Meeting

For a sales team, regular sales meetings are important in order to keep everyone in the loop about sales targets, overall performance, and various challenges the team is facing. Not only are they informative, but they’re also meant to motivate team members to pursue more clients and close more sales.

So if you’ve ever been in charge of hosting your next internal sales meeting, you might know that it can be a challenge to secure everyone’s attention, let alone get them excited and involved. Here are some ways to make your next sales meeting more productive and engaging.

Pick the Right Time of Day

Pick the Right Time of Day

According to the BBC, the most productive time of day is on Monday mornings between 9am to 11am. This might be because everyone is well-rested from the weekend and rearing to get to get to work. But if you’re going to have a meeting Monday morning – especially if it’s on the regular – you’ll probably want to provide some snacks and drinks. Not only will this give everyone something to look forward to but it’ll provide your team with a boost of energy.

And don’t just settle for some fast food restaurant’s donuts and coffee – nail your next sales meeting with delicious corporate catering provided by top-tier caterers. They can customize an affordable and delicious menu for you that will have your coworkers eager to attend.

Have an Agenda

Have an Agenda
With the fun stuff out of the way you should now consider the substance of your meeting. You have their attention with some food and drinks, but exactly what are you going to talk about?

Consider handing out an agenda prior to the meeting so that your coworkers have time to process the topics to be discussed, and possibly even think of things they want to contribute. Also, preparing your topics in advance means that you will have a reliable rhythm to follow without any awkward pauses.

Here’s a tip: make sure to allot time to each topic you plan on covering, that way you don’t spend too much time on one topic, and can move the conversation along if a team member has too much to say. Offer to follow up later privately or via email.

Take Notes and Check Progress

Take Notes and Check Progress
Assigning a note taker can be really helpful for following the team’s progress between meetings. Include action items at the end of the meeting and add them to the meeting notes so that everyone is on the same page about next steps and timelines.

Be sure to either email the notes out to the team right after the meeting or make them available on a shared drive.

Don’t Forget to Celebrate the Wins

Don’t Forget to Celebrate the Wins
And after all is said and done, a little praise can go a long way when it comes to team morale. Don’t forget to spare a little bit of time to point out the team’s or an individual’s achievements – it can really go a long way.

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