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How To Make the Most of Your Mobile Home

How To Make the Most of Your Mobile Home

If you’re like many mobile home dwellers, you probably opted for this lifestyle because it’s all-around more affordable, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance. The typical site-built home measures, on average, over 2,400 square feet. On the other hand, the average size of the manufactured home is about 1,100 square feet, depending on the market.

Naturally, if you’re used to the typical site-built home, you may find transitioning to a smaller space a bit of a challenge. But we all know that going small has some massive benefits, so don’t let the downsizing scare you away from the mobile home lifestyle!

Luckily, there are some amazing ways to help make limited spaces feel unlimited, many of which require little to no investment. Whether it’s the small space or the lower energy bills that drew you in, these awesome tips will help you feel like you’re making zero compromises whatsoever when you make the mobile move.

    1. De-Clutter and Purge for a Minimalist Feel—Well-ordered closets and clean shelves make us strong and clear-headed, which means we enjoy our day-to-day lives with less stress. Whether you’re into practicing the KonMari method or practicing the chuck-it-all-in-a-box-and-donate-it method, the result is the same: a more enjoyable space where you can breathe and spread out. Try to get into a routine of organization so that you don’t find your closets, shelves, and dressers working their way back into a cluttered, jumbled mess over time.
    2. Invest in Folding Furniture to Save Space—One of the best things about mobile homes is that they’re purposely built with space in mind, meaning many come with clever options for maximizing space within a relatively small footprint. To take this a step further, consider installing fold-up furniture—such as a wall desk, a dining room table, or even a fold-up bed for your guests—so that you can still maintain an open, airy layout without foregoing the pieces of furniture that make your life easier and more comfortable each day.
    3. Create an Outdoor Space for Gatherings—Who says mobile home dwellers can’t have gorgeous outdoor entertaining spaces? Those who live in well-outfitted mobile home communities may have access to community event centers and clubhouses that make the perfect party venues, but having a private entertaining area is a big-time bonus for many. Transforming your small courtyard or garden into a patio with some comfy outdoor furniture can help you double your living space when the weather’s nice, and everyone will want to come hang out.
    4. Bring the Outdoors In—Make the interior of your home feel like it goes on forever by bringing the outdoors in. Natural lighting, a fresh breeze, and plenty of plants will help make any mobile home feel bigger than it actually is. You may even want to consider decorating with earthy colors or peppering in some nature-inspired artwork and upholstery to give things a fresh feel. Not only will this help you make the most of your home, it will also make you smile on the daily!
      Bring the Outdoors In
  1. Ditch Bulky Furniture and Appliances—Designing small but functional manufactured homes often requires scaling down on traditionally large or bulky items, including appliances and furniture. Go for items labeled “apartment-sized” to ensure that they work well within your space without hogging up extra room. Look for high-quality but lightweight furniture and don’t be afraid to buy items that you have to put together yourself. This means you’ll also be able to take it apart yourself, which can be really helpful the next time you’re moving or rearranging.
  2. Don’t Skip the Homey Stuff—When we’re paring down our homes or designing on a smaller scale, it’s tempting to put homey, comforting stuff on the chopping block—fireplaces, over-stuffed sofas, and fluffy throw pillows often get the boot. While the heavy, bulky pieces are never a good idea, you don’t want to skim down so much that the place feels devoid of comfort. Be strategic about what you get rid of and try to be conscious of creating an empty or personality-less feel.
  3. Invest in Waterproof Storage—That empty, underused space under your manufactured home’s skirting (we like to call it “the belly of the beast”) may be a viable storage space for some items you own. However, remember that it can get wet and musty, so you have to be very careful of what you keep there. Invest in some durable, waterproof storage containers to place beneath the unit and use it to store durable tools, supplies, and outdoor furniture that won’t get ruined if exposed to a little bit of moisture or heat.
  4. Install a Carport—We don’t just love the carport because it protects our vehicles from the damages of weather, but also because it creates a versatile, covered outdoor space that can serve as an open-air entertaining area when the weather’s nice. Think of it like a shady, covered patio, but one that also doubles as a garage to keep your personal property safe from sun, snow, and rain. It’s one of those mobile home upgrades that’s actually worth the extra investment, we think.

Install a Carport

Mobile Home Life is What You Make It

The cool thing about living in a manufactured home is that it’s not unlike living in a typical site-built home in that you can make it exactly what you want it to be. Even if it’s only 1,000 square feet, it’s your 1,000 square feet, and that’s the best feeling in the world! Over time, you’ll hone your special ways to make it feel bigger, more comfortable, and all-around more homey according to your personal preferences and desires.

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