How to Get Your Home Ready for Autumn


Now the summer is coming to an end, it is time to start preparing your home for autumn. This is the season where the colder temperatures set in and the autumn leaves cover your drive, making you more likely to stay indoors. As you will be spending more time at home, you may want to make some changes that will ensure that you comfortably enjoy those cosy nights in. 

Take a look at these top tips, which will help you get your home autumn-ready.      

Declutter your space

When approaching a new season, many find it useful to declutter their home in order to start a new month with a clearer space and mind. You could start by putting away any summer stuff that you will need until next year. This includes clothing, decor and more, which may be taking up a lot of space. If you want to get rid of some items for good, you could consider giving them away to charity, instead of just throwing them out. 

You should also consider simplifying the decor by getting rid of unnecessary ornaments, artwork and more. The most attractive properties are those with minimal decor, such as the luxury apartments available at RW Invest. These pre-furnished properties create the appearance of space through their simple design, which is exactly what you want to achieve in your own home. 

Prep the garden

Before the freezing winter temperatures creep in, you should tidy up your garden and weatherproof it to ensure it is prepared for rain, wind and snow. This includes putting away any garden furniture. You should also cut the grass one last time, although make sure it is at a significant length before mowing it. You should also fertilise your lawn, which will help it stay in good condition during the winter. 

Another good gardening tip is to check all the trees in your garden and those surrounding your home to ensure that there are no broken branches. This will prevent any accidents in the event of adverse weather. 

Add home comforts

As you will be spending a lot more time at your home, you will want to make sure it feels as comfortable as possible. You can achieve this by adding throws and pillows to beds and sofas to make more homely and warm. This will also create the perfect setting for a night out in watching a scary Halloween film when October comes around. 

In autumn, you will feel the cold much more, which is why many people change their duvets from thin summer styles to thicker winter bedding. When purchasing a duvet, you should try and pick out some different colours that will reflect the Autumn seasons, such as burnt orange or mustard. 

Heat up your home

In spring and summer, you may have avoided putting the heating on and instead opted for a cooling fan, however, in the autumn months you will start to become reliant on heating systems. To ensure everything is working correctly, you should check to see if your home insulation is up to scratch, and if not, it may need replacing. 

The problem with using heating is that it causes your bills to rise, so you should consider ways to lower them without sacrificing warmth. This could include investing in a smart thermostat, which will help you keep track of your heating habits. You can also programme your heating at specific times, which is ideal when you’re away from home, as you won’t come into a freezing cold house. 

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