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How To Fix Common Problems With Your Air Conditioner

A dysfunctional air conditioner is heartbreaking and worrying as well, especially when it happens suddenly. But most of the time, you may find it’s a simple thing like a blown a fuse or circuit breaker has tripped. A professional technician may fix some issues with your air conditioner, and some problems just need simple troubleshooting, and the equipment is up and running again. It’s crucial to always maintain your air conditioner regularly as 95 % of common problems are as a result of inadequate maintenance. AC repair in Arlington Texas offers the best practices to take good care of your AC. The following are some of the quick fixes to some common problems with your air conditioner.

1. Air conditioner not turning up

Whenever you experience this kind of problem, your first stop should be your condenser. Check and determine whether your unit outside if running. Confirm whether the unit is plugged in, then proceed to your thermostat and confirm its set correctly. You will need to lower your thermostat from 10 to 5 degrees and find out if it fixes your issue. Make sure you set your thermostat to cool.
Air conditioner not turning up

If that doesn’t fix, proceed and check if the blown a fuse or tripped circuit breaker is the cause of your problem. Despite all these, your air conditioner doesn’t work, and then you know you have a problem with the motor or perhaps your compressor. At this point, you need to contact a professional technician to repair it.

2. Your Air Conditioner not cooling the air

Your thermostat is set accurate, and your conditioner turns on quite well, but unfortunately, it’s not cooling air off. This situation points to one thing, blocked or dirty air condensers. Your initial step is checking the outside unit and do a thorough clean up around it as well as removing any debris or weed growing around it blocking air circulation.

Proceed and check your filter and confirm its clean. Many times when the AC filter is dirty, it restricts the air to the evaporator coil, freezing the coil. With pets around your home or perhaps you often run your AC, you may be required to change your filter regularly. A perfect simple test is to take your air conditioner filter and confirm if you can see through it.

Having done all this and your air conditioner is still not cooling air, your problem could be your compressor or your refrigerant, and a professional technician will sort you out.

3. The air conditioner is not cooling your house correctly.

By any chance, you encounter a situation where your air conditioner is correctly set. Still, unfortunately, it’s not cooling your home as per your standards, mostly you will find it’s an issue with a unit not sized appropriately.

For you to keep your house fresh on a summer day, your air conditioner system needs to sized appropriately. For an average air conditioning system, the outdoor, as well as indoor temperature difference, must be maintained between 20 to 25 degrees. In simple terms, don’t expect your air conditioner to work abnormally like, for instance, maintain an average normal standard temperature while the temperature outside is 96 degrees.
The air conditioner is not cooling your house correctly.
During a typical summer day and your air conditioner system is unable to keep up, your main problem could be your charge or merely a frozen evaporator coil. Whenever you notice icing on your outdoor unit, immediately shut it down and seek the assistance of a professional technician.

It’s always vital to take note that a lot of common problems and challenges with your air conditioning system are purely out of negligence and lack of proper care for your equipment. Though some issues are beyond a person with standard knowledge on air conditioners, some of these common problems don’t require calling a technician. AC repair in Arlington Texas is plenty, and you cannot miss a technician. The take-home point is, take care of your air conditioner, and you will avoid a lot of these issues.

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