How to Create Active Outdoor Fit for All Age Groups?

Age is just a number. And still one needs to be healthy and ensure overall well-being at all ages. As we grow older, it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain health and keep oneself physically active. Landscape designers and architects as well as governments are paying attention to design outdoor places such that they can engage people of all ages.

In case you are planning to have an activity area or a play space in your surroundings, don’t just rush into approving the playground floor material and rushing towards early completion. Take a moment to consider what can make this place suitable for all age groups. What will it take to make this place fun-filled, relaxing, inspiring and keeping people active? Here are some playground flooring ideas which can add excitement and vigor to the playground.

Engrossing activities for both kids and adults

Usually parents with children consider parks as places for children and they are busy taking care of the child to ensure they are safe while playing. When you are starting off with the design work, consider some innovative equipment and playground flooring ideas where parents get engaged in physical activities with lot of fun in the park. You can even plan some games which can be played collectively. The children will look highly towards their parents and will do the same. There would be a different level of bonding when they are doing fun activities in the playground together.

Place for all

Active Outdoor Fit for All Age Groups1

When you want to serve people of all ages through this place, one significant aspect is that it is wheelchair accessible and the flooring surface is anti-skid. Moreover, it should be easy to keep it clean and should be able to handle the weather and water-logging. This will allow people to take benefit of the place all through the year.

There should be some right fit available for every fitness level. Some of the activities can focus around having fun and engagement for people who are physically challenged and differently abled. This will ensure that everyone gets value from being there. You may even like to include cultural and social aspects in your considerations.You may want to consider some age-appropriate products related to health and fitness.

Think creative

You are investing your time and energy in creating the place. And you have a clear purpose that everybody who walks into the place has better well-being – physically, mentally and socially. So, don’t just go with the old school thought. After all, it is not just about having few meetings and obtaining quotations from different vendors to choose which equipment should be shortlisted. What is it that can keep people inspiring again and again to come with their family and friends to spend time in this recreational place? Think Creative. Think New Ideas. Go out of the box. Get innovative in the choice of colors you use in the playground surface material. Create natural surrounding as part of the playground flooring ideas which will add to the décor of the place. Giving a theme effect to a specific portion can be one such idea. It could be a concept of tree house or train around the jogging track. You may design same game like snakes and ladder or tic-tac-toe on the rubber flooring.

Add psychological activities

Add psychological activities
Consider what people might be dealing with in terms of their well-being. Create psychological games and zone which will help them get distressed. Further the equipment should be such that that they add value to the fitness of users irrespective of their age, fitness level and cultural background. Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are another important area to address. If we can add some special attraction which motivates these people towards better health, it can be a great achievement and value for the place.

Add exciting and adventurous games

Don’t refrain from fast-running or spinning equipment. Spinning has amazing effect on the brain development of kids and on their sense of balance. They also add to the joyful attraction as well as development.The same holds true for heights. Though there is always a possibility that some children may find particular equipment scary and some other may be scared of something else. Don’t be stopped in such considerations as it will take away big attractions from the place. Let the place will filled with thrill, fascination and attraction.

Research reveals that people who are active outdoorhave better self-esteem, energy, and pleasure. They improve with theirstress and anxiety much faster than doing some light exercise indoor. Let’s get creative with recreation!

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