How to Clean a Stained Wood Deck Naturally

A deck gets lots of visits. Muddy shoes spilled food, and wet dogs will leave it dirty, stained, and smelly. Sometimes it also becomes slippery and risky. When it becomes stained, it affects the beauty of the house deck. So it is essential to keep your deck clean and safe. There are many ways to maintain a stained deck.

Those are:

Normal Cleaner
Maintenance Spray
Heavy Duty Mix
Fighting Mildew
Stain Remover

1. Normal Cleaner:

Normal Cleaner


1 Gallon warm water
A cup of laundry detergent (No Bleach and ammonia-free) or 1 cup dish cleaner.
3/4 Cup of Oxygen bleach (Optional, But suitable for mildew stains)


Mix well then pour over the deck. Scrub the deck with broom or brush lightly and keep it for 10-15 minutes. After 10-15 minutes, scrub the deck very well with nylon broom and brush. Clean the deck with clean water.

2. Maintenance Spray:


A gallon of warm water
2 cups of white vinegar
3/4 cup oxygen bleach or laundry detergent (Ammonia free).


Mix the pour over the deck. Use broom and brush to mix the pour very well in the deck. Leave for ten to fifteen minutes then brush with a stiff broom. Wipe the deck with clean water very well.

3. Heavy Duty Mix:

Heavy Duty Mix

3 quarts of water
1 cup OxyClean bleach
1 cup of TSP


Mix the pour over the deck. Use broom and brush to mix the pour very well in the deck. Leave for ten to fifteen minutes then brush with a stiff broom. Wipe the deck with clean water is okay.

4. Fighting Mildew:


Try a mix of 3 quarts water
1 cup oxygen bleach
3/4 cup of liquid dishwasher detergent


Mix the pour over the deck. Use broom and brush to mix the pour very well in the deck. Leave for ten to fifteen minutes then brush with a stiff broom. Wipe the deck with clean water very well.

5. Stain Remover:

Stain Remover

1 gallon of water
One tablespoon of oxalic acid crystals (wood bleach)


Apply the mix in trouble spots with brush and leave alone until the discoloration has faded then rinse thoroughly with clear water.

Tips & Tricks:

About scrubbing mixture:

Use long handle nylon brush to scrub the mix in the surface.

About cleaning mixture:

Use a pressure washer to clean mix from the deck.

About Bleach:

Always use wood bleach. Do not use regular bleach.

If you don’t have an oxygen bleach product readily on hand, check your laundry detergent to see if it’s made with sodium percarbonate or sodium perborate.

About bacteria, fungus and deodorize your deck

You can try mixing equal parts of warm water with white vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar will kill off bacteria and fungus that have developed while baking soda deodorizes and refreshes.

About Water

Always try to use warm water.

About fungus cleaning brush

Use long handle deck brush for cleaning funguses. Your mixture will help you to clean the rust with long handle brush.

About mildew stains in your deck

If your deck mildew stains, add a cup of powdered borax to the solution at the same time you add the oxygen bleach.

About repair and maintenance

Replace rotten wood from the deck immediately. Because will cause for whole deck corrupt.

About flower plant

If you’ve got flower planters on your deck, place them on high of cement blocks to forestall the farmers from housings dirt or wetness on the deck’s surface.

About winter season

Shovel the snow off your deck as soon as possible, when there’s snowfall,

About regular maintenance

Sweep your deck regularly to prevent accumulations of dirt or leaves that can stain the deck surface.

About grill on the deck

Always use a grease catcher if you have your grill on your deck, – grease stains are typically some of the toughest to remove.

About painting

Always try to avoid painting or staining your deck with a solid stain as a result of these finishes eventually peels and need a significant quantity of maintenance. Oil-based stains square measure typically the most effective as a result of the shield your deck and fade bit by bit and naturally.

About safety

Always wear anti-slip or non-slip boots when you are cleaning fungus on your deck.

Steps for a new deck

Take individual actions for a brand new deck. Has it professionally cleaned to kill any mildew spores within the wood and to get rid of any surface impurities which will stop deck waterproofing merchandise from penetrating? Then have it sealed with a water-resistant sealer. However, make sure to attend a minimum of sixty days when a picket deck is built to own it cleansed and stained; wood needs to “age” initial.

Seal the deck

No matter the age, continually check that your deck is a seal. Seal your deck to guard it against wetness from rain and condensate, which can cause the wood to swell. Waterproofing the deck also will shield it against the sun, which might shrink and dry the wood. The alternating cycles of increasing and shrinking can cause the wood to warp, cup, crack, and grey.

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