How to Attach a Headboard and Footboard to a Metal Bed Frame

Bedroom furniture is much easier to assemble today. The sofas and beds are now softer and more comfortable than ever before. A futon sofa bed is trendy these days. The best futon frame can give your tiring eyes a great relaxing solution.

However, metal bed frames are still quite famous. A metal bed frame usually contains a headboard and a footboard. The headboard is the head of the bed. It is essential to support the bed against the wall. On the opposite side of the headboard, there is a footboard. It carries the weight of the bed.

But a new bed may not come with a headboard and footboard. You will have the option to attach them on your own. Here is a step-by-step approach on how to attach a headboard and footboard to a metal bed frame.

How to Attach a Headboard and Footboard to a Metal Bed Frame: 4 Easy Steps

Attaching a headboard and footboard is an easy task. The complete job can seem like a carpenter’s job. But such works are straightforward with the latest metal bed frames.

Almost every metal bed comes with brackets these days. You can easily use the brackets to attach a headboard.

Then comes the rails of the bed. The rails are essential for the footboard. You will have to attach the footboard with the rails. Make sure that the metal bed frame contains rails when you buy it.

Now you can begin attaching a headboard and footboard to the bed. Here are 4 easy steps to guide you through the whole process.

Step 1: Placing the Materials on the Right Sides

The first step is to carry out the placement tasks. The ideal placement can ensure the bed looks perfect in the bedroom. So, where do the headboard and the footboard go?

The headboard goes against the wall. This wall is generally where the head of the bed goes. It is better to place the head underneath the larger window in the room. After that, place the footboard on the exact opposite side of the headboard.

Now it is time to place the rails. The bed rails will go on both sides of the bed. Place them on a 90-degree angle to the headboard. The vertical side of the rail will face the outside part of the bed. Conversely, the flat side of the rail will face the inside part of the bed. There is also a middle rail that goes precisely in the middle of the bed. It would be best if you placed them parallel to the headboard and footboard.

Step 2: Working with the Rails

The middle rail needs to be attached with the side rails in this step. You can do this work by taking each side of the middle rail individually.

To begin with, take any one of the sides of the middle rail and lift the locking latch upwards. You will see some slots there. Now, slide the flanges inside the slots. You will need to lock the current side of the rail. You can do this by pulling the middle rail sideways.

After this, move on to the other side of the middle rail. All you have to do now is repeat the same process.

Finally, secure the middle rail entirely by lowering the locking mechanism. 

Metal Bed Frame2

Step 3: Attaching the Headboard

Now it is time to move to the headboard. You will notice the headboard to be straightly standing. There should be some slots on the lower part of the headboard.

At first, lift any one side of the rail. Then guide the rail to attach it into the slots you found before. Then it would help if you locked the rails properly into place. Do this by pushing the rail into the pins.

After this, move to the other side of the rail. Repeat the same process. Do not forget to lock the side of the rail by pushing it into the pins. Thus, you have completed attaching the headboard.

Step 4: Attaching the Footboard

The last step is to attach the footboard. The process is precisely similar. You can begin by lifting the opposite part of the rail.

At first, choose any of the side rails. After that, lift the part of the rail near the footboard. Then, slide it into the slots of the footboard. After this, lock the rail by pushing it into the pins.

Finally, lift the other end exactly like before. Slide it into the footboard slots. And finish the process by locking the rail into the footboard pins.


The headboard and footboard can improve the outlook of the bed. Most beds these days do not come with headboards and footboards attached.

So, knowing how to attach a headboard and footboard to a metal bed frame can save you a lot of trouble. The process is straightforward. Most importantly, the 4 steps can be an excellent guide to the task.

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