How Much Do New Windows Cost? Understanding Window Pricing

How much do new windows cost? There is no doubt you will ask this question whenever you want to carry out window placement.  You are not alone, this is one of the faqs in the industry and also one of the hardest questions to answer. However, the reality is that there is no specific answer to this question since the price tag for a particular window is influenced by several factors, including where you buy the windows.

According to Total Home Oakville, replacement window cost is influenced by some factors such as the brand, style, quality, size, etc. So, before you reach out to any particular windows Oakville Company for a price quote, it is essential to understand various factors that affect the price of windows. But remember that a quote will not be your final price, that can change due to unforeseen circumstances and the total cost of windows can only be determined after the completion of the project.

1. Quality

To answer the question- how much do new windows cost, you need to consider the quality of the windows you want to buy. The quality of the material used in making a replacement window affects its price significantly. The major areas of concern are the glass glazing and the window frames. Replacement windows are made from double or triple-glazed panes. Although both triple and double-glazed panes are of high quality, triple-glazed ones are more superior in terms of offering efficiency and are a bit costly.

Materials used in making window frames include wood, fiberglass, aluminium, vinyl, and composite. Of all these materials, wood, especially hardwood is the most expensive. Vinyl, on the other hand, is the cheapest even if it offers the same benefits as wood. However, wood is timeless and provides a unique and homely environment that is irreplaceable.


2. Energy Efficient Packages

Window panes are often glazed or coated with Low-E to prevent heat loss and gain when not wanted. As we have seen above, the type of glazing done on a windowpane influences its cost.

But, what actually matters is the type of gas used between the panes. Those that contain krypton are cheaper than those with argon gas. The difference occurs because argon is denser than krypton, making it an expensive option.

So, windows Oakville that contain the two gases and Low-E are typically more expensive by 15% than those that do not.

3. The Installation Process

To answer the question how much do windows cost, consider the installation process. The window installation process can be full-frame or pocket installation. Full frame installation process is a bit more expensive than the pocket installation process. A lot of work is required since the entire window, including its frame; shims and sill are removed and replaced with new ones. Still, some makeover is done after the process after the project is completed.

Pocket installation involves sliding a replacement window to the existing window frames. Usually, the frames are in good condition and do not necessarily need replacement.


4. Warranty and Certification

Different manufacturers offer different warranties in terms of content and validity. Top manufacturers have detailed warranties that are valid for long. They come with the windows you purchase and are initialized when you sign them.

Other manufacturers do not offer warranties for their windows. Mostly, these windows are of low quality and if any damage happens to them, you incur their repair or replacement cost.

5. Window Style and Size

Homeowners have different window styles and sizes, depending on the architecture they use. Some windows Oakville are small and simple while others are large with complicated designs.

These windows will definitely cost differently. Large windows consume a lot of materials to create while small ones consume less. Additionally, large windows consume more time and fuel than small ones, contributing to high cost of manufacturing.


When we focus on design, complicated designs require precision and top skills to avoid wasting materials on trial and error. Some of these design also demands special materials to create making them pricey than the standard factory designs.

If you want a high ROI, consider investing in vinyl replacement windows Oakville. They offer up to 72.3% and $500 energy savings annually.

Hopefully, those factors answers your question-how much do new windows cost?

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