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How Frequently Should I Have My House Cleaned?

Let’s start this article with congratulating you on your decision to hire a housekeeper or cleaning service to take care of your lovely property. This is fantastic! It really is because you are aware of the advantages of hiring an expert house cleaner. The following query, though, is how frequently your home ought to be cleaned.

Every day is the default response from the perspective of house cleaning services. Yes, the house should be kept as clean as possible. But jokes aside, it might be difficult to respond to that question… or maybe not. So, to assist you in making a decision on your predicament, we’ve provided some advice below.

What Is Your Cleaning Routine?

From the viewpoint of a home owner like you, you always clean your house by yourself once every week. It doesn’t matter if you do this on a weekend, a day off from work, or in the midst of the week. It’s crucial that you take a day or two to complete all of your housework.

This process isn’t a general house cleaning, though it usually is.

You merely carry out this action to keep your own area tidy. In light of this, you ought to only attempt it if you have a lot of free time. The majority of the time, a lack of free time is what keeps you from cleaning your home fully.

And that’s where cleaning services, like Eco Clean Solutions, step in to help you out. We want to take care of these things for you. Depending on your needs and preferred cleaning schedule, we can provide you with these services.


A daily cleaning is perfect for busy families, including those with a new baby, working couples, parents who work even on the weekends, and elderly homeowners who need daily help with housework.
There are times when this is also perfect for Airbnb (but it depends on the duration of stay of the property occupants).

The house cleaner(s) do not actually come in seven days a week despite this daily setup. Cleaning typically takes place from Monday through Friday.


For a family who doesn’t want any disruptions to their everyday routine, this is the perfect option. This is an excellent alternative for you if your family is like this. Depending on your preferences, the house cleaning you hire will only visit your home once a week or every two weeks to take care of your home. They will be given specific times or an entire day to come and complete the tasks for you.

When home owners hire house cleaners, this is typically the setting. Along with duties like emptying trash cans, cleaning the bathrooms, and cleaning the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen areas, they are required to concentrate on sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floors. However, you would need to come to an arrangement with them on washing, kitchen linens, and bed linen changes.


It is a good idea to take into account a monthly house cleaning service whether you now hire someone to clean your home on a daily or weekly basis. Deep cleaning is typically similar to monthly housekeeping.

This is the perfect configuration to upgrade and restore the cleanliness of your home. When a house cleaner performs a monthly (deep) cleaning, they concentrate on doing a complete cleaning, such as getting rid of stains on the walls, cleaning the glass doors and windows, and other household tasks that need labour and time.

Additionally, cleaners claimed that cleaning after doing this takes more time than usual. Depending on your agreement with the person you hired, this can also be modified to suit your needs.


Sometimes or on a seasonal basis

Holidays, events, and unexpected visits from your in-laws and friends are all times when these cleaning services are more in demand. Occasionally cleaning the house just takes a few hours, so you might need more than one assistant (this will depend on what occasion you are preparing for). The objective is to assist you in preparing and decorating your home for any occasion you’ll be having, whether you employ one or more house cleaners.

A prime example is when friends, family members, or in-laws visit you on special occasions like the forthcoming Halloween. To get your home ready for this occasion, you can hire someone or a house cleaning service.

And this Halloween, Eco Clean Solutions is providing a promotion if you’re in this predicament. You may reserve a 3-hour house cleaning appointment with us for just €129, and we’ll send one of our exceptionally skilled house cleaners! You can get in touch with us right now to schedule a cleaning!


It’s important to consider more than simply how frequently the person you hire to take care of your property should visit. Always take into account additional considerations, such as:

How frequently do you do your own housecleaning?

If you truly don’t have any free time, you might want to think about hiring a daily house cleaning service. But if you can fit cleaning in around your schedule, then hiring a house cleaner once a week would give you the peace of mind that any areas you might have overlooked will be spotless.

What is the cost of hiring a cleaning service for your home?

You can decide the setup you’d need to keep your residence in tip-top shape based on the size of your home. Additionally, look for a housekeeper for a cleaning service like Eco Clean Solutions that fits your budget.

Establish the level of cleanliness that your home requires.

This is crucial if you want a cleaning service that is specifically customised to your home. In order for the house cleaner to deliver and live up to your expectations, please be specific about the type of cleaning you require.

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