High Quality SPF50+ Sunscreen For Men

It’s the time of year again when you begin your journey to find the most effective sunscreen on the market. Many products tout their ability to last through heavy and intensive sweating, heat, and water-resistance, but after applying, you might feel greasy and gross. Other products swear they are water resistant, but after a hot day at the beach, you come home to find yourself as red as a lobster.

What should you search for in your sunscreen? There are certain attributes a good sunscreen will embody, such as:


A key factor to consider in finding your perfect sunscreen is a non-greasy application. No one wants to apply sunscreen and feel as if they rubbed shortening on themselves all day. A good sunscreen will have discovered the perfect formula that balances sun protecting and a smooth application. Sunscreens with optimal formulas will soak right into your skin so it feels as if you don’t have it on at all.

SPF 50 and Beyond

You’re at the beach, pool, or lake during a hot summer day with not a cloud in the sky. What you want out of a sunscreen is way more than SPF 15 or 30, and even though you might want a tan out of your day relaxing in the sun, you know that nothing less than SPF 50+ is good for your skin. Skin cancer is on the rise and can affect all of us, and with SPF 50 or more, you can at least enjoy yourself knowing that your sunscreen is working to the fullest effect.

Water and Sweat Proof

When you sweat or jump into the water, your sunscreen should stay on. You will want a hardy sunscreen that holds onto your skin like a kid to a pool noodle, so you don’t have to constantly stop what you are doing to reapply. Your sunscreen should do the work for you, working to block UV rays while resisting water and sweat.

What SPF 50+ Should You Purchase?

The best SPF 50 sunscreen we have discovered this year is Jacket Sunscreen. Jacket is SPF 50, water and sweat resistant, and uses natural ingredients. Jacket is made with a formula that hugs your skin cells and blocks UV rays throughout the day, even if you are dripping in sweat from outdoor sports or have gone in and out of the water a hundred times.

Jacket was rated the best outdoor sports sunscreen this year, and for good reason. You really only have to apply this product one to two times throughout the day because of its long-lasting durability. Jacket was designed for extreme work outs, especially aquatic sports, so you can imagine what it does for those of us who enjoy relaxing by the poolside instead of grabbing a kayak or canoe.

Jacket is also SPF 50, which we believe is the ideal rank of sunscreen everyone should wear, no matter what your skin type is. Skin cancer is no joke, and with a durable sunscreen like Jacket, you can reassure yourself you are doing the most to protect yourself from UV radiation.

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