Gold Wire Metal Armchair by Victor Verace

Curvaceous; sophisticated; chic – three words that encapsulate the essence of the Gold Wire Metal Armchair. The gold horizontal strands that elegantly flow between the supporting bars, emphasise its shape by the increasing distance between them which is exaggerated by the middle, before finally closing in on each other by the other end. The continuous curves and frame add to its beauty; the eye is drawn around the rim, seeing the light reflected along the edges. The reason for gold is purely due to the image in conjures in ones’ mind: that of indulgence and opulence.

The gold stand reflects the symmetry of the seat shape. It mirrors the top edge of the seat, creating an aesthetically appealing armchair. Secure welding, smooth to the touch, ensures the metal is strong, durable and provides a stunning finish.

Dining room, living room, bedroom, entrance hall – the places in which this chair could stand proudly is endless. Its subtle beauty can blend within any environment, whilst also offering a focal point to the room. By simply coupling with the fur throw, it is transformed from a piece of art into a living, usable piece of furniture where one can spend hours reading, conversing and watching the world go by. The luxury of the throw, available in a thin or thick texture, works wonders with the chair. It juxtaposes against the chair itself – the soft abundance of fur with the shiny smooth element of the metal.
Metal Armchairs
We are extremely proud that our Gold Wire Chair will be a feature at the Grand Designs Live Show in October.

All in all, this chair amalgamates beauty with comfort, resulting in craftmanship at its best.

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