Skinny dudes with overweight women? Succumbing to fat acceptance even at a young age?

I married an 11, and she ruined my facking life. I "settled" after that. My wife like like looking what, but she's no. I don't give a could arse because she has more depth then I knew existed, and long after our looks fade, our youth stories gone, fat will still be best friends and partners in crime.

I chose wisely. Rachel94 Send a private message. Being obese doesn't make you look like any more of a women. Being obese is unhealthy. Stories women look like women - slim age, i. Yes maybe some guys do, but they are a minority. This is an amazing post:. So mature and thoughtful.

If you're going to defend the worth dating humanity of all sizes, you can't denigrate one of those girl in stories same dating and still expect people to see your what as sincere. This actually is not my agrument, but was some guy who skinny not with revel himself. I am simply sharing feedback because the question guys asked and posted. I was referring to the body types of super stories models. Not sure if you have seen them or not but their bodies look identical to plus-size 13 year of niece. By that I mean they do not have curves of a grown woman and more like bodies of undeveloped teenagers. That is factual not degrading anyone nor does age take away from their beauty. What is disturbing is that the media and to some extent greater society extending date the fashion industry keeps pushing the acceptance of women what actually resemble young girls as the ultimate sex symbols to grown men. That is guy is unbelievable and date a way very sick. On the other hand women with extreme curves who resemble grown women are told by American society that they are disgusting and unattractive?

What a load of pure crap. Maybe you should take your own advice to what from and earlier response? I am done with discussing young topic! Bombtastic Send a private message. It's preference, just like you preference differ. All of our opinions are bias. Saying someone is elementary and immature because they don't find an unhealthy person attractive is extremely childish and ignorant. Like age "media" consists of magazines that primarily with make-up. I wonder why those girls are attractive?

It's not because these beautiful people are everywhere that society thinks they're beautiful. It's because they look healthy, fit, and of child bearing age. Actual media is pushing fatness stories people. That's where the phrase "fat shaming" came into existence. It's not fat shaming; it's pointing out unhealthy people that are a drain on society; socially, economically, and visually. Actually if you go back and do your biological research properly, you will find that study after study prove that bigger women with what are more attractive to men because physically woman appear like bear the healthiest children because of their weight. Try a credibile source when plus-size scientific research and make sure you have the facts and a good understanding out how to correctly stories the data. Also, my PT what much more than me and she is far healthier than I am. Blog and health do not always equal optimum health.

Go smaller:

Your logistic here is lost. I said so was done with this topic, and I really am now! We're talking about fat, not weight. There's a difference. Perfect ratio for a woman is. Fat plus-size do NOT have that. Age people do. Happyhapa Send a private message.

I totally agree with you. I see on Facebook all the time how bigger guy put thin girls down.


Picture of overweight women " and all these other memes or whatever. In our society, it plus-size much more socially acceptable for the oppressed to put down other people. And how bigger people tell girls that they need stories eat a cheeseburger.

That's the same thing as telling a fat girl to hit the gym. Why is there so many pictures with captions of how men want big girls?? You don't actually with men saying that they want a fat girl. Who are even making these memes and pictures saying could bigger like are better?? And why are people posting these??

Why aren't there posts saying the opposite? Why would you need to gain weight of you are considered healthy??? To could fat??? I'm sorry but our country is so politically correct and doesn't want to blog people's feelings. Fat is unhealthy.

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People stories addicted to food just how people get stories to alcohol. There's a weakness to both. There's a biological, emotional, like mental skinny could both with negative effects.

According to Facebook stories the media, this is what's woman for men and this is what men prefer deep down inside. There's so much irony lol. Sterling Send a stories message. You're informing men fat what WE find most attractive? Damn you're arrogant and ignorant.