Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are modern fireplaces that have been receiving a lot of attention of late. Their popularity is as a result of three benefits they offer.

If you are thinking of buying an ethanol fireplace, then read on for more information.

Every time we consult our clients about ethanol fireplaces, we almost get the same answer – and these answers always cover three unique benefits these fireplaces have to offer:

  • They’re easy to install and use
  • They’re flueless and produce no smoke, soot, or ashes
  • Their flames are real and provide a reasonable amount of heat

A Flueless Fireplace

One of the main reasons why a majority of our customers opt for an ethanol fireplace is because these fireplaces do not need a flue.
A Flueless Fireplace

It is impossible for every home to have a chimney considering that it can be rather expensive and somewhat complicated to install one. For this reason, most customers prefer going for a simpler, more practical alternative – and that alternative is an ethanol fireplace.

Ethanol fireplaces require no vents due to the fuel used, bioethanol. When burnt, bioethanol produces no soot, ashes or smoke. Its flames are clean, which means that the fireplace can be lit even without a vent.

Unlike wood-burning stoves, there aren’t any dangerous particles produced, considering that the fuel’s emissions are made up of heat, water, and an almost non-existent amount of carbon dioxide.

Real Flames That Produce a Good Amount of Heat

When looking for an alternative to replace a gas fireplace or a wood burning stove, most people often start by considering electric fireplaces. Unfortunately, these fireplaces don’t provide any authentic or real flames. However, that is not the case with ethanol fireplaces, which makes them the perfect replacement.

Many are the times we’ve interacted with customers who were surprised by how effective ethanol fireplaces are, with most of them asking one question: Are the flames actually real? The answer to this is yes; they are real. The fire of an ethanol fireplace is vibrant and moves rather slowly when burning. Since the flames are real, they also give off a reasonable amount of heat. Ethanol fireplaces typically produce about 2-3kW, the same amount of energy a radiator in full effect provides.

It is worth remembering that these fireplaces have no heat loss since they have no flues; due to this, the heat produced is distributed within the room.

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They’re Easy to Install and Use

A last but equally important benefit of using an ethanol fireplace is that these fireplaces are easy to install and use.
They’re Easy to Install and Use
Freestanding ethanol fireplace models require no installation while wall-mounted ones are installed on brackets like those used to mount flatscreen televisions. The most complicated fireplaces are those that are built into place. However, these are still way easier to set up than gas or wood fireplaces.

Apart from them being easy to install, they are also straightforward when it comes to usage, which is one of the main benefits of having an ethanol fireplace. The great thing about these fireplaces is that they are ignited by filling the fuel (bioethanol) into the fireplace’s burner and lighting it with a simple lighter. To turn off an ethanol fireplace, place a lid on the fireplace to extinguish the flame. The remaining fuel can be stored for use at a later time.

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