DIY vs. Professional Moving Services – Which Is Better?


If you’ve ever been in a situation to move out, you’re confronted with two different conditions: Do a DIY move or hire a professional moving service. There has been a debate on which is the best based on the service, pricing, facilities, and various other factors. 

In this article, we will compare DIY moving with professional movie services, their pros and cons, features, pricing, facilities, and accommodation to help you find your best fit. A point to note is that depending upon your situation, either of them could be the best fit for you!

Let’s dig further into understanding both ways to find the accessible one for you. 

When Should You Do A DIY Move?

Whether you make a DIY move or hire a professional moving service depends on your needs. You can do a DIY move in the case:

  • You don’t have a big relocation budget
  • If you’re physically able to do the heavy lifting on your own
  • You don’t have much stuff to move
  • You’ve people available who can help you move
  • You’re moving across a town or somewhere short-distance
  • You’re comfortable driving a moving van on your own. 

When Should You Hire a Professional Moving Service? 

Hiring a professional moving company can be a must if: 

  • You can’t do physical labor or time to do the packing and moving on your own
  • You value safety and peace of mind over saving a few bucks
  • You own a lot of stuff that is valuable
  • You have heavy items that require care, like pianos, pool tables, Television
  • You’re moving out of state or across the country
  • You don’t want to drive a moving van

DIY Move

DIY is a better solution for small and local moves. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of DIY moves!

Pros of DIY Moves

  • Cheap cost

If you’re renting a truck for the moving purpose, it might cost you less than $100. In many big cities, that’s usually the hourly rate of a 3-man moving crew. So, you can see how much savings you can make. DIY moves are cheaper than hiring movers. But it’s also essential to consider the factors associated with packing material, fuel, insurance, and moving equipment like pads, straps, and dollies whose cost you’ll have to bear on your own. 

  • More control 

You’ll have complete control over how you want to move and what you want to do. You can pack, load, drive, deliver, and unpack the stuff based on your schedule instead of a moving company’s schedule.

  • No worries about being scammed

Many complaints are being filed against the moving services that run away taking the money. At least with a DIY move, you’ll not have to worry about getting scammed. 

Cons of DIY move

The disadvantages of DIY move include: 

  • Planning a whole activity can be tiring, and things get worse when it doesn’t go as planned
  • You’re on the hook of having to handle the safety of all your things
  • Moving usually takes longer than expected
  • You must be ready to face common injuries 
  • Sometimes, costs associated with fuel, food, lodgings, and moving matrices can be high
  • Driving a heavy truck in itself is associated with risks. 

Professional Moving Services 1

Professional Moving Service

There are many moving services operating in a single city. Many people prefer hiring a professional for their moving because they have a sense of safety, security, and relief. Let’s view a few advantages and disadvantages of professional moving services.

Pros of Professional Moving Service

  • Save time

If timing has been your issue for the move, professional moving services can help. Usually, a hectic family schedule leaves you with little to no time for packing, moving, or driving across the country or somewhere far away. In this case, this company will ensure you complete your move on time without worrying about it. 

  • Experienced, efficient and well-equipped

You will be one of many to use a professional moving service. In fact, they have been doing their job for quite a long time. They are skilled and experienced in doing the moving and can help you do it even more efficiently. But, for that to happen, you must select reputable moving companies with experienced crews and all the equipment required to move house safely, quickly, and efficiently. 

  • Insurance coverage

A reason why many prefer a professional moving service is the insurance available. Reputable movers offer multiple coverage options. It is security that your items are safe from insurance and that you’ll be paid if the damage happens, which is a relief. 

  • Avoid injuries

Moving, packing, and driving itself is associated with high risk. Lighting a hidden bed down a stairway can cause you damage. With professional moving services, you reduce the risk of getting any sort of injuries during moving.

  • Option to choose

There might be hundreds of moving services available in the place you reside. You’ll be filled with plenty of options to select from. 

  • Less stress

We all know how hectic a job moving is. From packing to loading to driving to unpacking, a lot of energy goes into it. But, if you’ve hired a top-notch company, you’ll experience far less stress than when doing it alone. 

Cons of Professional Moving Service

A few disadvantages of professional moving services include: 

  • They aren’t cheap and might cost you a lot
  • Moving scams are on the rise and are something you’ll have to worry about
  • Having strangers in your home can also be stressful
  • The rate significantly rises during the peak summer season
  • Delivery windows can be long on cross-country moves

Which Is Better? 

Now, the fact on which is better is that a DIY move is better in terms of how cheap it is. Still, a professional moving service offers you assistance and insurance coverage. If you’re tight on budget, renting a truck is best for small, straightforward moves. A DIY move is a great option to save money if you can do the packing and loading with help from your friends or family. 

If you’re concerned about the damage that might occur to your products, or if you’re moving to a longer distance, a professional hiring service can rescue you. As easy as it seems, moving a long distance has lots of risks associated with it. Further, it can be very stressful. In such a case, a professional moving service is the best. To determine what’s best, DIY is best for saving money. Still, a professional moving service is best to save your time and energy and have less stress. 

Depending upon your needs, you can make a wise decision. Many have claimed to be happy with their DIY move, and in the same case, many are happy to get help from a moving company. 

Deciding what’s best for you is based on your needs. In this article, we discussed what case DIY moves are better and what scenario a professional moving service is better. Further, we mentioned the pros and cons of each move to help you see the big picture. 

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