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Different Ways You Can Use Marble In Your House

If you are an interior design enthusiast or just someone who appreciates good things in life, then you must adore marble. 

It is one of the finest materials one can use for their home. The depth of the material, along with its wide variety of designs, makes it an ideal choice for home improvement projects. Moreover, since it is a naturally occurring substance, it has a higher value and brings a sense of warmth to the space. 

One of the common areas where marble is extensively used is the kitchen. The design’s depth, silky smooth finish, and thick natural veins make it a perfect choice for countertops. 

Besides the kitchen, you can also use marble for your dining table or in the bathroom. Not only is this tone a practical choice for flooring and countertops, but you can also use it on your kitchen wall as a backsplash. You can explore the wide range of marble benchtops USM as they offer marbles in different sizes, qualities, and designs. 

If you have not used marble before, you might be confused about the ideal places where you can use this stylish stone. 

So, here are some ideas where you can use the marble. 


It is one of the most prevalent places to use a marble top. You can use a wide variety of marble for a countertop. Not only is it durable, but it will spruce up your kitchen. Your marble can contrast the whole kitchen, or you could colour-coordinate it with the rest of the interiors. 

Marbles like Carrara or Calcutta are popular choices for those who want to design an all-white kitchen. If you want to add a dash of colour, you can choose a colourful selection of marbles for your countertops. 

Bar top

If you like to entertain guests and serve drinks, then a bar is the best piece of furniture you can put in the living room. It will help you bring the space together and be an ideal place to store the bottle of your favourite drink. 

Marble is a good choice for a bar top, and it is durable, water-proof, and quite resistant to scratches. However, it is advised that you use high-quality mats over the top to protect the marble from micro scratches. 

Marbles like onyx look good on bars since they are luminescent and can transfer light from underneath. All you need is to get some LED strips or a batten underneath the top, and it will shine like a diamond. 

It will make your bar look unique and make serving drinks quite interesting. 


Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are trending these days as they are practical and enhance the looks of a kitchen. A kitchen island can make a statement while being functional. You can use the extra space it provides to chop up vegetables or use it as a workstation in your kitchen. 

You can choose a monochrome design for the whole kitchen or a contrasting top for your kitchen island. Moreover, there are various types of marble benchtops by USM you can choose from. 


The vertical space behind the stove is often referred to as the backsplash. Instead of tiles or painting them, you can use a marble that matches the countertops or contrasts them. 

Matching the backsplash with the marble top will make the kitchen look bigger; on the other hand, contrasting the backsplash may make it pop out even more. 

So, these are some common uses of marbles in your home. If you are confused, you must seek advice from an expert to help you select the best marble.

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