Best Place to Get a Tattoo: Top 5 Spots for Men and Women

It is quite easy for women to choose a location to get a tattoo because a good ink can look lovely anywhere. On the other hand, with boys, the case is much more complicated. What you want from a tattoo is to draw attention to your body part. You want to wear it and wear it with pride. For example, unlike women who look great with tattoos on their hips or lower back, this may not be the best option for men to get a tattoo. One more thing. The tattoos Christchurch looks best on well-defined muscles, so you can consider some visits to the gym before incoming. For more info read  Visit Christchurch Tattoo Studio

These are the best place for a man to have a presentable and sexy tattoo.

1. Back Tattoo Design Ideas

This is a very classy men’s tattoo spot. There are many forms of back tattoo designs. Depending on your design, you can place the tattoo between the shoulder blades, get a tattoo done on the back, get a tattoo done on the shoulders, or get a tattoo in the middle of the back.

If you need to look more formal at work, it will be easier to cover. It looks sexy and manly. The back gives enough space for very large tattoo ideas, images, tribal tattoo ideas, crazy symmetrical and asymmetrical.

2. Tattoo Design Ideas on Shoulder

Tattoo Design Ideas on Shoulder

Ranked No. 1 for men with tattoos. Almost all famous stars have shoulder tattoos. Shoulder tattoos are very stylish, they express the personality of their boss and give this tough guy a look. The shoulder tattoo is often combined with the chest tattoo and bicep tattoo to create a great design. Some of the most popular design ideas for shoulder tattoos are tribal tattoos. Resistant and sensitive at the same time. But any design idea will name, from a single emblem to a curly Chinese dragon.

The shoulder is the perfect place to get a tattoo if you want to express something important to you, such as a name, a patriot symbol, a flag.

3. Bicep / Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

Just twist it and show your message to the world! Can you think of a better place to get a tattoo? It is possible to hide if necessary, it is very painful and not very sexy.

Along with men’s tattoos, the most popular place for men is to get tattooed.

Tribal tattoo designs are again the most popular here. But the place is perfect for scripts and quotes as well as inspirational names and phrases. This inner biceps is becoming more and more popular for getting tattoos, and in fact, the effect is amazing!

4. Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

The chest is one of the most attractive parts of men’s body. If you want to look really tough, go for one of the chest tattoo ideas. To show your sensitive side, choose some tribal, known as a special tattoo design. The space is wide enough to get a large design or printed image.

Recently, the Invitational Clavicle Dash by celebrities around the world is at the top due to being subtle and attractive.

5. Calf Tattoo Design Ideas

Calf Tattoo Design Ideas

Calf tattoos can give its owner a bold and masculine look. It is also a very good place, because the calf muscle acts like a cushion for the needle, so tattooing on the calf is less painful than other parts of the body. The long, wide surface allows various designs to be inked here. So you can find tattoos, snakes, all kinds of tribal motifs on calves.

6. Neck Tattoo Design Ideas

The neck is a sought-after tattoo spot. You should opt for a design that is in line with the shape of the neck, as not all designs look good in that place. The neck is a highly exposed part of the body, so it is not a recommended location for office workers, but you should think twice about your design option before making it. For men, tribal and masculine symbols are the first design idea for a neck tattoo. A good tattoo can look great on the neck.

7. Rib / oblique tattoo design idea

Highly painful and fully effective rib cage tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Rib cage designs can be anything from small symbols to intricate letters and designs.

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