Best Lawn Painting Companies in California


Best Lawn Painting Companies in California 1

We all know that maintaining a healthy lawn in California can be time consuming and expensive. That’s why many California property owners have decided to let their lawns turn brown and hire grass painters to paint their lawns green. That being said, since lawn spray painting is such a niche service, there are not that many companies that offer it in California. Even if you are able to find some lawn painting companies in your area, most of them don’t have many reviews so it’s hard to tell which ones you should hire. That’s why we decided to do some research of our own and put together a list of the top lawn painting companies in California. We chose the winners based on feedback from people who hired these companies, and from our experience speaking with the companies on the phone.

Best Grass Painting Company in Northern California: Green Yard Pros

After considering a few lawn painting companies, we have decided that the best one in northern California was the Green Yard Pros. We appreciated how they were courteous on the phone and how simple their quote process was. They said that they can give pricing over the phone after asking customers a few basic questions about the job. Not to mention that the job they did for one of our contributors seemed very realistic. The contributor told us that from up close you could tell that the grass had been painted green, but from across the street it looked pretty much indistinguishable from a real healthy lawn. The other great thing about the Green Yard Pros was their large service area. They said that they they serviced all of northern California including the Bay Area, Sacramento, Fairfield, Turlock, Fresno, Visalia, Stockton, Modesto, Santa Rosa, Napa, Salenus, Redding, Eureka, Merced, Chico, Yuba City, San Luis Obispo, and more. They also said that if a customer was not in their service area, they could travel to them for a small additional fee.

If you would like a free quote from the Green Yard Pros, you can call them at: (669) 444-0632.

Best Lawn Painting Companies in California 2

Best Lawn Painting Service in Southern California: San Diego Lawn Painting Company

It seemed like many of the lawn painting companies that we called in southern California had gone out of business because their phone numbers were either disconnected or owned by someone else. Even the companies that still had working phone numbers would usually go to voicemail when we called. We thought this was worth mentioning because while we experienced a lack of responsiveness to some degree when we were calling northern California companies, the southern California companies seemed to be even more unresponsive for some reason. That’s why we felt it was only right to give the top spot to the only one who didn’t send us to voicemail: San Diego Lawn Painting Company. They were friendly on the phone and happy to answer our questions. We liked that they also offered free estimates over the phone like the Green Yard Pros. In terms of customer feedback, a real estate agent told us that they did a good job painting the front lawn of one of her clients. She said that she thinks that the added curb appeal from the painted lawn helped sell the house faster. Also, don’t let the “San Diego” part of their name confuse you as they service all of the other parts of southern California too including: Las Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barabara, Bakersfield, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Palm Springs. As with the Green Yard Pros, we really appreciated that they had such a large service area.

If you would like a free quote from San Diego Lawn Painting Company, you can call them at: (619) 432-3306

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